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  1. Guess you could just go onto the other account to get away from the pelters if it goes wrong
  2. Are you only able to edit your latest post or is ma account fucked
  3. Won't let me edit it, can @gogzy do it and you'll need to edit the quote you done
  4. During the "whose the f****n in the black" song he was pointing at Wes Foderingham
  5. Nah it's alright it didn't hit him, think it hit the advertising board, also when two guys were ready to start fighting he just turnt around and chanted UVF at them
  6. Just went onto the site to have a look and on the homepage it says "2nd November Versus Valencia 7.45pm kick off" so doesn't look like the site is getting updated anymore
  7. I'd say you should be able to get the tickets for Inverness but tickets for Hearts will be gold dust
  8. I'm sure he was shaking trying to resist putting an r instead of t
  9. Mostly mid week games I sometimes have to leave about the 80th minute to get into to central Glasgow to get to work
  10. I'm sure @K.A.I and @southdown 1916 runs buses in Glasgow, don't know where abouts or if there's spaces to join but
  11. http://www.greatermanchesterrsc.btck.co.uk Tried that?
  12. Hasn't went the same way as Marvin has he
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