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  1. Absolutely gutted with the result but trying to take positives for the game we created more chances and general play was much better than its been this season. Hopefully that’s a sign of progression and not a one off and we can continue getting better. also really liking the look of Lundstram. Shouts of Morelos being finished and punting him for 5 mil are wild. Also how the fuck did that Devlin get away with so many fouls.
  2. Deja vu, create nothing and a mess at the back. The signs have been there all season. Honestly can’t see it getting any better without a system change but realistically there’s just not going to be a system/personnel change for a while no matter how bad performances were/are/are going to be
  3. Did you see before the fight Diaz was saying he doesn’t know why he’s fighting Lawlor and not Usman? Fuck sake imagine Usman in there with that Diaz 😂😂
  4. Between him asking for a higher weight, comments before and after the fight and how he looked in there, I think he had absolutely no desire to be in there. Only reason I can think of is he needs/wanted the money badly. Agree on Shevchenko absolutely outrageous nobody is coming close to her soon as long as she stays focused.
  5. That’s the ideaaa THERE YER GOOO
  6. Brilllliant Boxing BRILLLLLLLLLIANT
  7. I’ve always disliked that about AJ he just seems too sound. I want my boxers/UFC fighters to be big horrible, arrogant cunts.
  8. I’ve not been one to go after Tav for being captain but fuck sake it makes you ask questions when your captain and vice captain instantly blame everyone else after they’ve made a mistake/got done. Not looking forward to this Europa game at all midweek.
  9. Dundee are actual rotten, a championship quality team and they’ve been the better team today despite the score right now…
  10. Goldson should be biting our hands off for a contract on his current wage after his performances this seasons nevermind a fucking wage rise btw
  11. Had a bet on the rat to be carded as well. Fucking typical
  12. Buzzing for the UFC this weekend, Nick Diaz/Lawler, Shevchenko/Murphy, Ortega/Volkanovski all top top fights
  13. If there’s not a youth player at the club that’s a better defender than Simpson right now then they shouldn’t be at the club.
  14. How can you go from that first half then come out and perform like that in the second? When attacking a team with every man behind the ball our only gameplan is give it out wide put it into the box (without any quality). I’d genuinely rather go back to watching Rob Kiernan than Simpson fuck me. Fucking shite Rangers.
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