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  1. Well I am long past covid so that means my antibodies are better than the vaccine. Win/win for me!
  2. I had covid and it was like a bad cold, had well worse flu's, only annoying thing was my temporary loss of taste and smell, so tell me why, at 31 and healthy, I need a jab that could potentially cause me harm AKA clots etc when my own immune system has fought off the so-called world's deadliest disease? If your 2 jabs don't protect you from me then they're pretty fkin useless
  3. Enjoy all they yearly booster jabs bro
  4. Well it's a shite vaccine if it doesnt even do what vaccines are meant to do, eh? Let's unofficially force everyone to take an experimental vaccine, trailed to 2023, that doesnt even do what its supposed to...
  5. They said it was scaremongering last year when people mentioned the "conspiracy" of vaccine passports, time to wake up mate
  6. It won't stop at football matches or nightclubs.. Shops, public transport, hotels etc will all come next. People really need to wake up and see what's happening right in front of our eyes. It's not a conspiracy anymore.
  7. The vaccine protects you, the only risk unvaccinated pose is to themselves, to which there is like a 99.8% chance of survival. And you can still catch and spread it even when double jabbed, the virus isnt more potent from an unvaccinated person - it's the same virus.
  8. If we get in the CL this season, as well as next season via auto qualification, it will literally be the end of them. 80mill+ income while they continue to spend millions on duds. Karma as its very finest, fucking brilliant
  9. Comedy Show FC never fail to keep us amused. Long may the circus act continue. The deck of cards hasn't finished folding yet.
  10. Kidding on troops, SG is a fkin legend hahaha, enjoy the moment and make sure your young bears realise the magnitude of this, hahaha 55 and counting !!!!!
  11. Let their deluded way of thinking continue. Even some of their own fans recognise it's a dangerous mindset that has led to the shambles they've become. They still can't admit we're a solid unit, their daily dose of deludamol makes them think we're running on luck - they can live in that fantasy all they like. Let them watch our celebrations go off the Richter scale once the league is official. It will make the amazing gathering yesterday look like a tea-party. They'll realise then that we are Champions and alive more than ever. Rat bastards. WATP
  12. It's the calm before the storm. Everyone is patiently waiting but you can just feel what's coming lol. This celebration is going to be MEGA
  13. True but considering the unwashed have been singing about it for years and have flags, t-shirts made and holidays booked makes it funny as fuck
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