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  1. It's the calm before the storm. Everyone is patiently waiting but you can just feel what's coming lol. This celebration is going to be MEGA
  2. True but considering the unwashed have been singing about it for years and have flags, t-shirts made and holidays booked makes it funny as fuck
  3. I watched a Liverpool youtube channel interview with Gerrard fairly recently. He was asked where winning the league with Rangers would sit in his whole career, and he said it's definitely up there with Istanbul 05. But this isnt just winning the 55th league title - it's stopping the tainted 10 and also our first since we got relegated down the leagues. Glasgow is going to explode soon and he'll realise just how big this is.
  4. Of course he'll be fully aware of just what a great achievement he and his players are about to accomplish, but I think that even Gerrard will be taken aback when the time comes in the very near future, possibly this weekend. I hope he will relish every moment of it, and I'm sure he will. This guy has came in and done a job you'd expect a highly proven and highly paid manager to do. He deserves every bit of praise coming his way as do the players. We are finally back to where we belong - the Champions of Scotland.
  5. Anyone got a link to watch the full game again???
  6. Just for fun, doesn't matter if they didn't play in the same era etc...
  7. Want to be confident but got a bad feeling about this round unless we drastically improve quickly from yesterday's game.
  8. Yeah it looks good at the back but the reality is our defence hasn't had a big test yet. Time will tell but right now priority is our poor attacking.
  9. Said it was sold out a good few days ago when I checked.
  10. Haha, would probably turn their stadium into sea world.
  11. Time for that and a number of things to change. I believe Gerrard will get shit sorted. Hopefully we wipe this team clean out on Thursday so that it basically turns the 2nd leg into basically another pre season fitness friendly.
  12. Still need quality to win the league mate let's be honest
  13. Can't be arsed getting on the hype train again. I'll wait until I see us playing high quality football before get excited. We've been let down too many times after falling into the 'feel good factor'.
  14. And a lot of us tbh. Think the problem is well and truly all about their quality over what they 'roar' about
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