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  1. Sorry if there is a subforum but looking for X2 Hamilton away tickets if anyone is looking to sell?
  2. This and the one today about some guys singing on a train later in that article they more or less listed every bad thing any Rangers fans have ever done. Course we could do the same for them. Conspired to cover up the truth of 96 innocent people dying in a football stadium and painting the people who helped as thieves, published a picture of Peraltas corpse online, left bottles of alcohol at Gazzas door then waited on him coming out so they could picture him with the bottle. Honestly amazes me they're still in business. The hatchet job articles from them must be fuelled by something or someone surely?
  3. How much mate if you don't mind me asking? Someone told me they're a grand a piece that true?
  4. Sounds morbid but I've got it written that I'm to be buried with the first Rangers scarf I ever bought. Forever and ever
  5. Can remember the 4lhad twitter confirming it was planned but would be for the 19/20 season
  6. They're classless tramps mate. Like vegans in the sense that everybody needs to know what team they support. They'd bore the arse of anybody that'd listen telling them. "Ohh did ye see ma sellik top there? Yes uhuh. Oh aye the sellik aye oh yes I support the sellik. Wits that hen? Aye sellik daft" Fucking neanderthals own many a Rangers top for cutting aboot the hoose, the gym or going to the games. Any grown man out wearing a football top needs to have a word.
  7. Probably just written with a Kerch Jackson slant meaning Kings looking to profit from Paul Murray's resignation mate.
  8. Get where you're coming from mate but if Ashley had put in as much as the current board I shudder to think of the strings that'd be attached. Can understand why you think they might have been a better option with a lot of what if's and maybes but it isn't in Ashley's nature to do anything decent mate he's a fat treacherous swine and would have the sugar out of your tea. For the record I also recognise King shouldn't be left alone with the family silver.
  9. I remember reading at the time that as a condition of those loans that if we were promoted we were due MASH or NUFC 500k? Vuckic gave us a few moments to cheer in an otherwise disastrous season however we can agree on that at least.
  10. You purposely missing out the list of times he's put his hand in his pocket or you genuinely just trying to noise me up? He might not be throwing around tens of millions on players or keeping us solvent without an ulterior financial motive but by fuck if you think Ashley would do that you need put in a padded cell. Don't think this debate will ever end with you or I coming to an agreement so I'll close with saying I respect your opinion however absurd and delusional I feel it may be. Have a nice day mate.
  11. Stays this side of the law and drains the heart, soul and wallet out of any supporter of any football club he's ever managed to weasel and threaten his way into. He is a fat cunt that cares only about money and that the media perceive him as some kind of white collar gangster that is not to be messed with. You've completely ignored the points I made regarding what King and others have done since getting the keys. Tell me this as I'm genuinely curious what do you think Ashley would do for us bar keep the lights on and the megastore stocked with cheap tacky shit? This King has no money line is borderline fucking taigery. Who's invested what I believe to be 6 or 7 million to date and has promised to invest a further 7 milliom over the next two years with the auditors of our accounts satisfied he is able to fulfil that promise? Answer me this who was it that bought 14ish % of shares (knockdown price or not), invested in the squad every window, repaid 5m to Ashley or at least a share of, negotiated our way out of a toxic 7 year deal with the most stubborn wanker ever to grace the planet, paid compo for the fraud Pedro as well as a sacking cost and is in the process of having circa 11m brought over from SA to make some bullshit share offer as a consequence of perhaps more desperation to rid us of the spivs than incompetence but also a consequence of the same toxic cunt your "saviour" was happy to have as our chairman spitting the dummy over losing his six figure salary? It certainly isn't Mike Ashley... Dave King is a dodgy incompetent cunt that has bollocksed any footballing decision that's come before him to date but he has done more for this club than that fat cancerous swine Ashley ever has or will.
  12. Anybody that thinks things would be any better under that fat parasite is a fanny. Kings not perfect by any means nor are the idiots running our club day to day but they've injected upto 20m in soft loans to keep us solvent. Took the threat of being jailed for giving an interview on SSN and fought the bastard that deployed those tactics and won us a fair merchandise deal which if he hadn't would be in place for a further 6 years. They've Invested in the squad every window since they got control (albeit poorly in the sense they've backed the wrong proverbial horses) they are also Rangers fans ulterior motives or not. Ashley would have the season ticket revenues of our grandchildren tied up if he'd invested that figure that much is certain amount also lambias and co were known to crush any kind of opposition to their regime (banning Novo for example) you can bet your last quid theyd have banned the union bears for their recent demonstrations leaving Ibrox like a fucking library. King and his board aren't doing what's needed despite their good intentions but there is literally no alternative and even speaking of ashley as a saviour hypothetically leaves me speechless. Remember for all the wrong these incompetent tits running our club have done wrong they saved us from the spivs and potentially admin 2 when nobody else would.
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