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  1. you can pick them up from around £60 secondhand with a 250gb hard drive, I would only look at the slim model, As originals are prone to dying. Cex gives out 24month guarantee, You may find better deals on gumtree etc secondhand, I see new consoles still selling at £150+
  2. The 360 still has a lot of great games, I moved onto the xboxone, But a lot of games coming out are just 360 remakes, I purchased quite a few digital games on the 360, And can play quite a few of them on the xboxone now, Some original xbox games are compatible now too. Looks like the future is just full of remade games, Same games, better graphics. Apart from graphics and a few great games not released on the 360, The 360 can still keep up with the xboxone,
  3. After a few Months of playing the switch, I would say it has a few good games like Zelda and Mario kart, Great wee handheld device. As a console I prefer the xbox1 or Ps4, May as well get games like Fifa 18 on Xbox or PS, Cheaper also to purchase on Xbox/PS. Kids love the Switch,as they can go find a connor and sit for hours. Needs a car charger as battery only lasts a couple hours. If you purchase it as a Handheld you wont be disappointed. The game library will hopefully get better in 2018.
  4. Quite a jump from a 2013 thread, Really need to get up to date info on charges etc from 2015/17, If these meetings are mostly held at Parkhead, And why Ibrox or other stadiums are not used as much.
  5. My first ever console was Nintendo,I have purchased every nintendo gen console since, Really not sure about switch, As apart from Mario Kart and a couple other games On WiiU, It was a flop, I will most likely buy the switch tho.
  6. I do my best to take my boys to football training at Broadwood stadium, Its quite hard to take them twice a week due to work commitments, So usually only once a week and a kick about at local pitches for a few hours a week, If i dont take them its all playstation and tv. Kids where I stay barely venture outside, they just sit and chat on web,facetime to socialise.
  7. 3.4 m for gazza, Not sure why i had a mill in my head,Maybe it was a mill upfront..Poor guy had to leave us tho,As was getting hounded by the press and almost any non Ranger he met.
  8. If my memory is correct, Gazza was sold to middlesbrough for a million,And laudrup went to chelsea for free.
  9. lol seriously, Wish I had seen that, Still to catch up,Just finished work.
  10. Taking a guess ,He means our players terrorised there defence.
  11. Its good to listen to a song focused on Rangers and only Rangers, We need a fun cheery song, Work on that next
  12. I was 12 years old, The most important thing back then for me, Was my NES Entertainment System..With pictures of McCoist ,Hateley etc on walls..
  13. I think we will win enough games over the rest of the season to get second, the others will drop points, It will be close tho.
  14. Maybe just maybe one of those interested teams will take MW off our hands, That way we don't need to pay up, Can only pray...
  15. we are bad but not that bad, 2nd from top is our aim and I still believe we can do it. As of next season a change of management and players is needed. Or we will just get a repeat. Funds are going to be the factor of whether we can challenge for the title next season. First issue that needs solved is a manager who can Manage players,Attract quality and knows tactics needed for wins.
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