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  1. Can see us accepting around 11m pound for him.. Would rather he stayed tho. But we have to look after our finances foremost.
  2. Not impossible, If someone with access too a ton of cash, Took over one of the teams. Another David Murray type. Apart from 1984, Always been them or Us.In my lifetime.
  3. Had a great season in my opinion, Done what was needed, Stopped 10 in a row.. The europe run was a bonus. And we can look at building on it next season.
  4. Never actually knew that, Every day is a school day here.. 🍾55
  5. Dreams of the big money, And playing against quality opposition regularly, Never say never, But i really doubt it will ever happen. Do wonder tho where we would be today if plans to join the bluesquare league actually happened..
  6. Actually still feel like im dreaming. Going for 56, Two in a row
  7. Good luck to him, He wants to play in the Best league in the world, Just like most of us would love to see Rangers in the EPL, Hopfully he gets a decent team if he moves, And we get to see him back at ibrox in the champions league.. He better no score tho🀣
  8. Alan McGregor scoring a penalty against them to make it 4 nil, Alfredo with a hat trick.
  9. Happy to win it today, And just to rub it in take 3 points when we play them.. Would be awesome if Morelos hit the net..
  10. Wouldn't mind seeing Arteta back at ibrox, Would be a good game.
  11. Shagger with the 5th "Penalty" After we pump them at their ground.
  12. Tempted to reactivate my FB just to rip the pish out them... πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
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