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  1. Lol Andy Walker get tae fuck. Cunt tries to punch it!
  2. Andy Walker asking for a pen everytime there's a tackle on them. Cunt needs binning on our games ASAP.
  3. Having to take Barasic off because you know Clancy is looking for it... Horrific follow through and he's claiming nothing happens, shit show!
  4. Great Player if you're playing FM2010 Been Jack WheelChair for too long now!
  5. Ha ha my word... See it every game and nothing. Alfie, refs spaffing his panties..
  6. Sky commentary team a massive downgrade on the RTV one! A bit like this fucking pitch, which isn't made for actual football! Take any sort of win here!
  7. If they can get this players to work well together it could be proper! Plus hopefully another coming in, hopefully a ball carrying mid.
  8. They've pull out all the stops here. It's clear to me with the new merchandising, marketing etc etc that we are going in the right direction.
  9. Well now that's done.. I thought Hagi was a bit off, but still he was trying things to open the game up and another day he contributes to a couple of goals. Felt like he the wrong studs on.
  10. Ruddy hope it was just a tweak and he's actually fine for Saturday - mind games and all that.
  11. He's hurt himself there... What is this commentary ffs. Kamara just got melted
  12. Orange with blue shorts I lovely!
  13. Can really feel not having Tav in this game. Not saying Patterson would be better than Flanagan today, due to the physical nature. Just we miss the composure, athleticism and attacking threat.
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