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  1. How do the Sweatshirts fit - fancy the euro travel one (can't decide whether its 90's Adidas retro glory or awful) I'm a L/XL in the replica kits.
  2. I was readying myself for us getting a bit of a run around, we held our shape and responded. From Gerrard's post game comments you can feel how proud he was, because he knows how pished they've all been for a couple of days. Massive chance, inject me with some more caffeine!
  3. Kept working all game, made a massive block in the second half. Points where he looked like a kid who's started only a few senior games, but huge potential. Imagine the player he'll be with a bit more experience and when he fills out physically, he's not slow and he's got an engine - both will get better and he'll be pounding the weights ready for next season too.
  4. He's a player who can play in the front 3, or well in midfield if Jack is playing - Honestly I think we play a more dynamic style with Jack as it generally means Kamara is on the bench (not that I think he deserves to be, just a change in style thing) and we are able to open up more with say Aribo/Arfield/Davis pushing further forward. Those are the times he looks more comfortable and able to influence the game.
  5. Strangely in world there are only 3 or 4 players who do it week in week out. They don’t play for us, but we’re winning and winning and winning some more. The players are doing there jobs for the team and goals are coming from all over. Kent takes two defenders, Alfie moves players around, Aribo Brilliant ball carrier, Hagi takes risks to make things happen. All doing work for the TEAM, that’s what matters.
  6. They other form team in the league. This is going to be another grind!
  7. Inconsistent system is the only issue with this one. One rule for some and another for the rest. I think the club have been clever taking the ban. A couple of weeks out may not be a bad thing for Alfie, get right up it in training and then come spitting fire ready for the old firm.
  8. Involved in all three goals while he was on the pitch. He might be a touch off it, but he's still helping the team significantly!
  9. https://zone7.ai/about/#our-team Roger Mitchell.....
  10. Andy Walker asking for a pen everytime there's a tackle on them. Cunt needs binning on our games ASAP.
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