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  1. Fair play funny on this, quite happy to meet you to discuss
  2. Lmao.... ..we are from Crossy that is the must Republican area of govan.....
  3. Ask about me, my name is Wullie Horne? My bro is called Johnny Horne, a lot of cunts know us.....if you want to debate it I'm happy to me you face to face
  4. Mate I ran govan when I grew up im govan, ask magwa, who haunts this forum....I ran the place so probably should think your reply
  5. Fair enough fanny baws, remember you don't know me and don't know , you but that can change......
  6. Should expose the cunt for the pape he is ......
  7. Done more today than his full gers career, but always support a fellow bear !
  8. If the game was reffed by a referee with no bias it would have been a different game.
  9. Worth it for the celebration going off.......
  10. Michael Stewart......hope you love it ya failed trialist cunt !
  11. Gave that cripple cunt Kennedy what for ......
  12. Sook it in ya fenian interlopers.......
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