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  1. Hoping your ok mate. Let me know you are please. 

  2. Feel like a right fanny had us down to win 3 nil
  3. It is some contrast compared to our manager Billy. He actually looks like he's stepped right oot the "gallagate"
  4. Tremendous reading in this thread. How many times have they fenian bastards scored with the last kick of the ball to scrape a win or draw, now they get a taste of their own medicine. It actually shows how shite they really are because aberdeen bend over n drop their drawers every time they play them, so for them to take points off them shows how pish they really are. #lennon in
  5. Always one nutter. Looks as if he had somebody on for a hatrick aswell. Probably Barker
  6. Looked as if he was blowing out his arse early doors, the sweat was pishing aff him. Said in the match thread during the game. I thought our players looked far superior fitness wise and obviously skill wise. But the fitness can only be put down to Gerrard and his team. It was like playing a pub team yesterday. I was waiting on popcorn teeth taking a draw of a fag n subbing himself on
  7. Was near the end mate he was running down the clock and the thumb and somebody else tried to hurry him up. No fucks given
  8. I love the way he fuckin hates them. Telling their manky fans to shush at goals. Slapping that lego hard man round the heed. Between him and Barasic telling them to fuck off, good to see this crop of players get it.
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