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  1. Hoping your ok mate. Let me know you are please. 

  2. It is some contrast compared to our manager Billy. He actually looks like he's stepped right oot the "gallagate"
  3. Tremendous reading in this thread. How many times have they fenian bastards scored with the last kick of the ball to scrape a win or draw, now they get a taste of their own medicine. It actually shows how shite they really are because aberdeen bend over n drop their drawers every time they play them, so for them to take points off them shows how pish they really are. #lennon in
  4. The Beast and some guy aff the Chase
  5. Aye she said it was all over fudbook. Well that's the last time they get my money. Fenian muslim bastards
  6. @ForeverAndEver does a bit of punting up that way, not one to start any rumours but he's never away from the bit the photo is taken from as Mcdonald's, a chippy, chinky and kebab shop in a 2 minute radius.
  7. Taigs will get a penalty and the sheep will get a player sent off certainty
  8. Aye him n Morelos will hate each other they said. Seems to be taking Alfredo under his wing, with his experience can only be a good thing for our wee Columbian goal machine.
  9. Mind the guy phoned in to the radio asking "Why Antti Niemi wasnt getting a game for Scotland"and the host said cause hes Finnish to which the caller replied he's no finished. 🤦‍♂️
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