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  1. Can’t renew on the website mate, should have an email explaining what to do
  2. Sanchez on that a week and wasn’t playing most weeks last season, absolute disgrace
  3. Such a fucking shite goal to concede though straight after scoring
  4. That left back is fucking awful 😂
  5. Cunts on here arguing when we’ve just scored a vital goal away in Europe 😂
  6. Probably used them to gain access to the ground before going in and searching for them
  7. Say he scored 2 goals in each old firm game last season but failed to score against any other team in the league, does his value go up or down?
  8. Being a striker for Scotland must be so shite though, not even sure what the tactics are most of the time
  9. Was just on the edge of their box aswell so pretty similar to what you’re thinking, his fault for getting fouled though and nothing given 😂
  10. Was that not at hibs away when they equalised? Except what happened was he was fouled but the ref never gave it and hibs went and scored? Might be wrong
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