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  1. It seems teams we're about to play only really need to practise hoofing the ball up the park inbetween centre halves during practise sessions - they all seem to be getting plenty of joy from it 😞
  2. True, but it doesn't help when the manager is bringing on substitutes with just 5 minutes to go.
  3. Yup. And Beaton knocking on Gerrard's door apologising already so all good. Nothing to see here - move along.
  4. I think the days of going away on sunny winter breaks should come to an end now. Two seasons in a row they seemed to still stuck in 'holiday mode' on their return. Sickener.
  5. Where the fuck does it say I was judging him in that game alone? I even qualified that OF comment by saying he wasn't the only one that day. I just don't think he's going to be that effective in certain matches we play this season. There will be games we will play that will be perfect for him. too.
  6. In the game against the scum, he looked completely lost and also looked like he didn't want to be there (not the only one that day though). A bit better today at times, but I'm wondering if he's really best just being used selectively, rather than just an automatic pick every week now that's he's fully fit.
  7. Ffs, it's like watching a rerun of a bad horror movie: A chance to espablish top spot, a shockingly bad bit of defending, and then struggling against a really piss poor team closing us down very quickly, losing top spot. Fucking deja vu.
  8. Yup, was baffled when I first saw the line-up too. Looked like Gerrard was trying to play a 4-3-3 narrow, which is fine if we have Tavernier and Barisic bombing down the flanks on the overlap whipping in dangerous crosses; but Tav had an absolute shocker today (like most players), and Gerrard clearly doesn't even trust Barisic to start in these games. The worrying thing for me today is that a few of our players look as if they are quite happy just to hang onto the scum's coat-tails, but not comfortable to 'step up to the plate' when it really matters. A bit worrying tbh.
  9. Pleased with starting eleven. Really showing our strength in depth now that we can do a few tweaks after a difficault european game and still look strong. Looking forward to watching Helander getting a few league games under his belt too. Good team.
  10. Fair do's, but I thougt Aribo can be pleased with his first league game for us. Not a great game, but there were 3 players round him every time he got the ball, but he passed and defended really well. Plus his shots at goal were good too.
  11. Most of the points I agree with, except the Arfield bit. Considering he cost fuck all, he's been a terrific signing for us and has had more good games than bad, definitely.
  12. His best days may indeed be behind him, but play Defoe to his strengths and he will bang us in a barrowload of goals between now and end of the season; not just long hopeful punts up the park expecting him to chase them all down.
  13. We lack a genuine winner's mentality, struggle to make simple 3 yard passes, nervous as fuck at times, struggle to influence the match....and that's just our Captain.
  14. I agree with that mate, to an extent. Especially when Lafferty didn't seem to win a single high ball today. It also didn't help that out top scorer was suspended and Arfield unable to play too - they definitely would have made a big difference. Yip, pissed off is spot on.
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