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  1. Totally understand this mate, I felt strangely more scottish or protective of Scotland being away from home for a few years, but I just im too resentful of the sfa and shagger/paysmith/whittaker to bring myself to support them now.
  2. Sitting in a pub in Jakarta having this conversation Personally I've followed Scotland home and away...but for me not anymore. My view is F#ck them and the SFA and the likes of Paysmith that play for them. Added to the treatment of Black in the last friendly does any bear really support Scotland now? Its an easy decision for me as my mums family is all German so I could support them if i cared about international football but what about other fans? Even Norn Iron have those two turncoats F#cks playing for them.
  3. Guys, I've done some checking around locally here. Bill Ng who is supposed to be the main man behind the bid has a very good reputation within the business community. Most people say he's a low profile businessman who doesnt like to be at the forefront of things. More importantly he is genuinely loaded. He is chairman of 1 S League team (hougang) and alledgedly a silent owner behind one other.
  4. Hi mate, its not an RSC as such but the games are often shown at Emporium in club street. Theres only really a big turnout for the old firm games
  5. Missed out Super v Portugal. Probably cost us 2 -3 years of Ally at his peak
  6. Oleg Kusnetzov - what a player he could have been for us. More recently Stevie Smith but for a terrible run of injuries - hopefully Ness doesnt go the same way
  7. Went to 'kafflick education camp' for a weekend before marrying the missus. finished just in time to see edu bang in a last minute winner against them and give the billy boys a good old blast
  8. Pat Nevin......so all we have to do is vote for 3 scum goals then?
  9. When does the date of the game actually get decided?
  10. Ok I see your point. Realistically though, it's still summer time, the economy is shite, people are either out of work or struggling. If you have a choice malmo or Chelsea, who would you watch? Fans turning on fans is rubbish. We should be humping teams like malmo on a public park, infact we played better away with no fans!
  11. It's simple you keep most of the gate and it's in addition to a domestic game......hence more money Simples
  12. So we are now berating our fans for paying up for a friendly with top class players which boosts the clubs finances? People need to get off their high horse andvwisen up to economic realities. A crowd like this could mean the difference between getting a player or losing him
  13. If you google this guy he was actually voted bigot of the year in the Media Awards one year for his view on mental health...quite ironic really
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