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  1. Poor humza hitched himself to the catholic bandwagon, only to find out they hate muslims.
  2. Them and Barcelona, both basket case clubs, boils my piss that they get away with it
  3. Where do these cunts get €220m from
  4. I have an issue with the anti catholic part as well. It's what being a Protestant is. There's a clue in the name.
  5. The name Malmo reminds me of the good old days when it was just the European cup. Teams like Malmo and Grasshoppers were quality teams, then TV and money fucked it for all the small countries.
  6. He's saying what he needs to say to appease his taig masters and keep his job.
  7. The fact they were 25 point behind and still finished second, tells you everything you to know about the rest of the league. In a decent league, 25 points behind should have you finishing outside the top 6.
  8. Belgian league any good?
  9. Where are you watching it mate? Quite fancy it myself
  10. There are none so blind as will not see. Scotland - ran by taigs for taigs. Hates Rangers and its fans, hates the crown and hates unionism. The sfa - probably all of the above, but definitely hates Rangers and its fans. The so called tartan army - definitely all of the above.
  11. Aye, it breaks my heart. I can't sleep at night the hurt is so bad.
  12. In this day and age, supporting Scotland is the closest you'll get to supporting Ireland. Two cheeks of the same arse.
  13. Hopefully Barcelona are fucked and a few other big teams follow. The cunts have fucked the game with their greed. I'd love to see them in the shit.
  14. Do these cunts have an injunction against the media printing negative stories about them?
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