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  1. To think we still have Barton and Rossiter to add to that midfield
  2. Sooner Gordon Strachan realises this the more chance Scotland will have of getting to a major tournament .
  3. I think regardless of who plays RB we'd have the same problem , Warburton obviously likes his full backs bombing on.
  4. I guess it just depends on personal preference and which sites you use as they all differ. But like I said the official players ratings system for our league give assists for penalties and free kicks so I'd go along with that rather than soccerway and who scored .
  5. Think it absolutely makes sense to give assists for winning penalties and free kicks, but only if they lead to a direct goal . The official player ratings system for our league do it so why should it be different in here .
  6. I'd say there's more chance of Wallace playing CB than Tavernier playing CM
  7. Danny Wilson won the SPL with Rangers , was his job getting done for him then? Or did he play better with better players around him?
  8. When you play attacking football, you get hit on the break, it's pretty simple . Regardless of who our centre half pairing is teams will get chances. The main problem for me is that we can't defend set plays, and I see that more as a team problem rather than just blaming the CBs.
  9. Think it will be more just a case of Warburton using the squad, rather than anyone being dropped , he wasn't happy about only having 3 subs today as its so early in the season, would imagine the 1s who didn't get game time today will next game.
  10. Drove down Broomloan road today and you can already see the big posters are starting to come loose. Probly a bad winter away from coming loose altogether.
  11. Will they even get past this mob
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