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  1. He hasn’t long finished playing, he’s entitled to a break
  2. His Mrs is at an airport… heading back to Glasgow I’d imagine (also not my screenshot, fuck Android)
  3. Oh yes, forgot about that. Tbh I’m confident in our wingers to be able to provide for whoever plays up top, just a case of making sure the striker isn’t isolated
  4. Kit looked awful in the promo pics but looks really good today
  5. Imagine RTV could provide us with angles to see if he was actually on
  6. If I was a kid I’d 100% get ‘Fashion Jr’ on the back of my shirt… should I just get it anyway?
  7. Excellent of my stream to freeze firstly when we have a corner and then when we have a free kick on the edge of the box
  8. Should’ve scored there, keeper actually got a hand on it
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