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  1. Didn’t we sell Cuellar after going out of UCL quals and then brought Bougherra, Mendes etc in? Maybe that’s what needed.
  2. Feel like Charlie from Its Always Sunny wrote this but I appreciate your enthusiasm nonetheless
  3. Both absolutely awful so far this season, what has happened to their delivery? Obviously Patterson and Bassey will start Friday regardless of form so hopefully they both play amazing and start the game after that too
  4. The only one I’d sort of agree on is Goldson with his contract expiring, if he’s not going to sign a contract then we need to sell him, simple.
  5. Get that cocaine addicted scumbag taig to fuck please. Don’t wanna see him at the best of times.
  6. Katic hasn’t played in 14 months, and he wasn’t as good as you think he was. Please stop suggesting he should be our starting CB.
  7. He should be in the position Simpson is in, with someone of Helander and Goldsons (20/21 season) quality pushing them two for the starting spot.
  8. Yeah but we wore the black kit against them when they were in their home kit
  9. Uefa made us wear the purple as the home would’ve clashed with both Malmö kits… that’s why the purple one was released today.
  10. Well you do realise he had to quarantine so he’d have had about 4 days off after playing most games last season. That would have been good wouldn’t it, not letting our star man spend time in his home country while everyone else did.
  11. Patterson would be playing Friday regardless if Tavernier was in top form, a real message would be sent if he was dropped for a league game
  12. Recruitment has been awful this window, we need more players and Gerrard has to be ruthless with players like Arfield and Balogun, they aren’t up to this level.
  13. Tavernier and Barisic have been terrible this season, and they were arguably our most important players when attacking last season.
  14. What can you say other than absolutely terrible. Goldson and Tav have been the worst players on the pitch 3 games running, Kent and Wright went missing today, Balogun isn’t good enough to be 3rd CB he should be where Simpson is and someone better should be challenging Goldson and Helander. Every player relying on Morelos to dig them out again, awful.
  15. Roofes just posted on Instagram that his newborn is now able to go home today after 5 days in hospital recovering from Bronchiolitis and a chest infection 👍🏻🔴⚪️🔵
  16. Both collars on the two away kits ruin it
  17. In my head I’m imagining the home kit as a template, change the colour to lilac, feint black pin stripes, black collar and sleeve cuffs, white badge etc and it’s a beauty. These kits will never be iconic or in fashion like the 90s kits are now anyway purely because of the type of fit they are.
  18. So we are wearing this kit the night?
  19. Long sleeve looks terrible but the short sleeve is decent, fuck knows why they’ve got Lundstram in the long sleeves
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