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  1. Roofes just posted on Instagram that his newborn is now able to go home today after 5 days in hospital recovering from Bronchiolitis and a chest infection 👍🏻🔴⚪️🔵
  2. Both collars on the two away kits ruin it
  3. In my head I’m imagining the home kit as a template, change the colour to lilac, feint black pin stripes, black collar and sleeve cuffs, white badge etc and it’s a beauty. These kits will never be iconic or in fashion like the 90s kits are now anyway purely because of the type of fit they are.
  4. So we are wearing this kit the night?
  5. Long sleeve looks terrible but the short sleeve is decent, fuck knows why they’ve got Lundstram in the long sleeves
  6. He’s unliked it now tbf
  7. We’ve lost to worse teams and still won the league in the past. Not every title win has been won with an invincible season.
  8. Obviously it feels like disaster now but that first loss was always going to come, just hope this kickstarts a long winning streak
  9. He can only get better… surely
  10. So a new signing comes in, and can’t even get on the bench against Dundee United in the second league game of the season? I might be able to understand it if he played 90 against Malmö, but he didn’t. Roofe wasn’t even there today and Gerrard still didn’t fancy bringing Sakala.
  11. Sakala must be shite in training to not even get on the bench over Defoe
  12. Hopefully the board and Gerrard realise we need some fucking signings, a new midfielder at the very least
  13. Need to start with an actual winger on the right side rather than shifting Aribo or Hagi out there, and then move one of them into midfield with Kamara and Davis
  14. Lundstram, Tav, Goldson, Barisic, Kent, Davis all terrible today
  15. First time we come up against a team that has fans in (in the league) since covid and we lose…
  16. There’s no glue between defence and forwards aka a midfield
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