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  1. Still reduced capacity isn’t it? So clubs will want all their fans in at the moment. We saw Motherwell give Hibs 2000 last week tho
  2. If we can keep the ball for a bit we will easily break them down
  3. I mean, I don’t think we’re struggling, we’ve had the better chance
  4. Can someone fill me in on why we don’t have the league badges on the sleeve?
  5. Love how Sky have edited Morelos’ head on Kamara’s body
  6. Wasn’t Roofe injured just before start of the season? Might be related to that
  7. The fact that Morelos has come back, had one training session and is starting tells us all we need to know about Itten
  8. Oh yeah keep forgetting about that, odd one then because didn’t Gerrard say yday that Roofe was available for today
  9. So so glad to see him back, hopefully feeling refreshed after his well deserved break
  10. Think Gerrard will go with: McLaughlin, Tavernier, Goldson, Balogun, Barisic Kamara, Davis, Hagi (if he isn’t injured) Kent, Sakala, Roofe
  11. Can see it being season ticket holders only tbh, so 43,000?
  12. To me it’s pretty clear Morelos and Kamara are our most valuable players. Need Morelos next week, badly.
  13. Let’s see what kind of performance we put in Saturday. Also, sell Itten.
  14. When does Morelos quarantine end? Need him next week
  15. Turning on Kent after 1 performance, get a grip
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