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  1. Kent’s probably the most exciting player I’ve ever seen us have
  2. Sakala isolated so far, would like to see more movement from him, done well when he ran with it down the left
  3. As good as Bassey’s been can’t help but feel we might be 2 up if Barisic had the crosses Bassey had
  4. Game went a bit quiet after Aribos chance. At least we’ve got a lead and hopefully nothing serious with Hagi.
  5. Kamara suspended for UCL so makes sense to save Lundstram for mid week
  6. I’d assume Barisic and Helander are being saved for UCL quals after coming back later than most
  7. Probably something to do with Sky Sports and no English PL football yet. I’d imagine we’ll be back to 12:30 Saturday games once EPL comes back
  8. Hoping Wright can chip in with at least double digit goals this season
  9. Just 4 hours away from being able to watch Ryan Kent in a competitive game again, excited
  10. Surely Kamara over Davis with Kamara suspended for europe
  11. I don’t want people booing my favourite footballers protesting racism therefore I am a sheep…
  12. Booing something that’s anti-racism could be interpreted as being racist, well done on taking it completely out of context tho
  13. Hearing Tav is forcing all the boys to read Das Kapital as we speak
  14. Wonder if fans at clubs like Arsenal and Tottenham have these discussions
  15. Please get out of your sjw owned compilation, Tommy Robinson, Ben Shapiro phase, please.
  16. It’s not peaceful protest, it’s being openly racist.
  17. Yeah pal, not wanting racists in the support is basically the equivalent of being a… nazi? Am I getting that right?
  18. Okay but our captain has come out and said it’s nothing to do with BLM (the organisation) and is an anti-racist gesture, nothing more, nothing less. Why aren’t people understanding this?
  19. Why would anyone protest against an anti-racism message?
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