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  1. What kind of 11 will we have out? I’d imagine most starters will be kept for tomorrow
  2. Could be worse, this could be our away kit. Poor Juve fans.
  3. What about the fact they’re a different shade of orange
  4. If they can get the apparent lilac 3rd kit right then they can be forgiven for this.
  5. Just read that the 3rd kit is going to be based on the 1994/95 lilac kit and the fourth is the founding fathers kit. Surely they can’t throw a gold badge on a lilac kit… can they?
  6. Maybe I’m colour blind. Think this is our first kit with a lot of black.
  7. I actually like our black/red shirts, just prefer them when they’re more red with some black.
  8. Okay tbf looks much better in a normal photo
  9. A different collar and it would look decent. Doesn’t help that it looks like Roofe is in a size too big in the promo pics.
  10. Looks like a Liverpool away kit tbh, quite like the gold on the home kit as something special, but this away kit would definitely look better with the white badges and sponsor.
  11. Would rather that collar than the one on the actual kit
  12. Think it’s actually ok besides the horrendous collar that is also on the goalies kits. Collar just reminds of the awful Puma Blackthorn kit.
  13. Looks like shit in that picture, but will probably end up looking decent when you have it in person.
  14. I wouldn’t say Beale moving his family to Scotland means much. I’d suspect Gerrard would take everyone with him. Maybe Beale moving his family up shows Gerrard himself has intentions of being around for a while anyway.
  15. Ffs that’s Hibs winning the league now
  16. There’s a clear difference in the calibre of player on the pitch now between us and them
  17. Ffs we better sack Gerrard then
  18. Good test for our players today, up against genuine quality like Aubameyang and Partey
  19. Tom we’re not putting Tav RW in a pre season game to try and contain Tierney ffs
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