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  1. Nah, immunity from vaccines alone lasts longer than immunity from infection, with immunity from vaccines also being more reliable.
  2. Think the mentality internally would’ve been let’s just get to the international break top and then try and figure out the poor performances
  3. Gaffer knows we’ve been shite all season with the way he’s celebrating
  4. Tav and Barisic carried us first half of last season and now they don’t show up we have nothing
  5. Shock horror as 19 year old plays shite when the rest of the team does
  6. Anyone got a link that isn’t hesgoal, because that keeps freezing all the time. And don’t tell me to do vpn on RTV cos there isn’t time for that right now
  7. Aren’t most the names you mentioned free transfers? And Andy King was a loan. It’s clear Gerrard didn’t get who he wanted in the summer
  8. Win this against our closest title challengers and kick start our season
  9. We need to create the most hostile atmosphere when they visit
  10. Well it won’t be because Goldson will be playing for a start and because despite how shit Prague are they’re better than hibs
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