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  1. Banking on some Messi magic
  2. Just to let everyone know it’s on bt sport box office
  3. Probably about 5am, depends how long fights before him go
  4. If he wants to go for the title then yeah it’s definitely his last chance
  5. Looking forward to Brazil v Argentina followed by Poirier v McGregor, should be a great night
  6. Kent burst past people like 3 times in the game idk wtf people are talking about tbh
  7. Would have had a better time slamming my head into my wall
  8. Fuck me talking about Nacho Novo like he’s Sergio Aguero or something
  9. Didn’t we pay £4m for Itten? That doesn’t get talked about enough
  10. Feel like shit just want Morelos, Kamara, Jack, Arfield, Helander, Barisic and Patterson back
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