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  1. Fuck sake, stream went now I see we’ve conceded. Let’s kill off their hopes before HT
  2. Great goal, now can anyone link me a decent stream, hesgoal is like watching a YouTube video in 2006
  3. Hesgoal stream is in about 180p, anyone got a decent looking stream
  4. It definitely won’t, we play them another 3 times after Sunday
  5. I can’t tell if you’re serious or not
  6. Zungu’s a better player
  7. Goldson been ok, and that’s all he needed. Hopefully will get back to his best soon.
  8. I’d still start Kent against the taigs… always shows up against them. Can’t see him starting against Ross County though.
  9. Maybe the guy on twitter had a point about Tav playing COD on twitch
  10. Lundstram - retarded Sakala - injured a lot so far 3rd time lucky with Bacuna hopefully
  11. Arfield also seemingly has a brain which Lundstram apparently does not
  12. Aye chill out I thought he was talking about Kent
  13. A win here with 10 men would do great things for team confidence and morale
  14. So how can you blame a manager for sticking with what worked last season? Hindsight is a great thing but literally every manager would’ve stuck with Davis and Tavernier
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