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  1. They’re just calling us skint tbf. Also, Jamesons is good…
  2. They’re all bitter. We’d batter Sheffield United too, them lot talking about ‘he’s found his level’.
  3. It’s strange the position we’re in when it comes to transfers because virtually every summer before this one since we got back to the Prem we’ve needed a clear out and a rebuild.
  4. Yeah but I mean that before this people were still speculating about who it was that was coming in this week
  5. Hopefully can be a big player for us. Also love how secretive our transfers are.
  6. I’m looking at the kit right now, it’s literally in front of my face, the real thing and I can confirm it is nowhere near mustard yellow, it is gold.
  7. Great top. Collar is a bit tight on my neck tho.
  8. When should we expect Patterson, McLaughlin, Kamara back? I’d expect them to be granted some time off. Helander, Morelos and Barisic will also be back even later than them.
  9. 09/10 is as good if not better
  10. Knowing Castores stock I’m gonna have to set an alarm for 8am on a Saturday ffs
  11. Liverpool away top with an Everton colour scheme?
  12. All 3 Diadora tops that season are brilliant.
  13. Someone from the women’s team?
  14. We can’t have gold on the kit and not win the league
  15. Yeah I don’t like red on home tops that much either, I think it would look better white but don’t mind the gold as a special one off for a season.
  16. That title belongs to the Puma blackthorn kit. Blue with white collar but doesn’t look like a Rangers kit?🤔
  17. That is beautiful idc what anyone says
  18. Anyone who has the training tops what’s the fit like? I’m sat here in a Adidas Wales training top that actually fits like a Large, whereas last seasons Rangers stuff made me feel like I should go up
  19. A Saturday release is odd? Thought it would be Monday with a video coming out Sunday
  20. Grow up because I want tidy Rangers training gear? I like the kits but the training and leisure wear could be much better and Nike is just better anyway.
  21. Wish we would sign with Nike
  22. Everything would look much better without the ‘Set your limits’ bar taking up more room
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