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  1. They fuckin tarrier bastards are always up tae something
  2. Its not our songs that offend them its the fact that we exist as a club but the spineless bastards in our boardroom are to busy "building bridges" with the same clubs that tried to kill us to give a fuck about us tbh
  3. Excellent statement our board are spineless bastards
  4. Only gorams against the taigs 3-3 game at ibrox beats that for me
  5. Praying for that to be first game
  6. My assertion of his point is we canny greet about getting called H*** etc if we're singing about them being fenians and up to our knees in fenian blood
  7. Nightmare start had al dancer then lalor hoping give me a copper n apples jade come up in the next 2
  8. Easily greatest day of my life never made my work for a week after this on the piss everyday only 55 will top it
  9. His si ferry interview was decent came across well in it
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