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  1. Best result of the year, apart from PSG. MON....lo fucking l. That guy never fails to cheer me up, the bitterest of bitter cunts! lolololol. Couple that with his 'sidekick' Roy Keach.........fantastic!!!!!
  2. Blair is an absolute fucking snake who lied continuously throughout his Premiership, pretending to be one religion, when in fact he was secretly practising as another behind closed doors. I personally don't give a shit about either religion, but I wouldn't trust the cunt as far as his ugly wife could throw him! Not to mention still trying to justify Iraq war, and lying to Brown about when he intended passing over to him. Everything about the cunt says Liar, and it is so fitting his name includes an anagram of it!
  3. It is daft, but people will watch anything. MMA definitely doesn't need it, as it has grown hand over fist in the last 10 years, and is still growing. Whether FM needs it for tax etc who knows, but he wouldn't be the first multi millionaire to run into money problems! It is nothing but a money making exercise for both men. If I am up, I will watch on a stream, but I wouldn't pay a penny for it.
  4. He is like a 15 yearold on the Bucky, and best left alone. I'm actually embarrassed for the cunt.
  5. That is irrelevant. The world has more money now. Sport is now accessible even in the jungles of the Amazon. Of course the ppv moneys will keep going up, but it is still a shite circus of an event. When Muhammad Ali fought Joe Frazier the world stopped for it. The PPV may have been shite, but the world watched or listened or waited on a newsflash. Same with his other fights during his peak. No one actually gives a fuck about this fight, other than curiosity value as to what will happen. What is guaranteed is they will hug at the end and thank each other for milking the idiots of the wor
  6. Doesn't work that way. He scored 4 league goals in the last 7 games of the season, when he should have in theory been at his most knackered. He hasn't lost it in 3 months ffs. His touch has never been great, and regardless of his age, it is not fair to judge anyone so early in the season, as your timing can be off a bit! The minute someone starts outscoring him regularly, then he can step aside.
  7. Fair enough, but I see it differently. He is obviously getting older, but he still saves us periodically, and I am more than happy to have him in the squad.
  8. I don't get that at all. The one that just went over the bar could easily have gone in, and he would have been on the scoresheet once again!
  9. Good start, 3 points away, and a confidence boost. Long road ahead but confidence breeds confidence!
  10. Ok, maybe I am taking it too literally, but I would still personally prefer to refer to them with derogatory terms that were not religiously orientated. .As someone who lives in a mixed community, like most I'd guess, I do find it hard to deal with when confronted with the religious bigotry aspect of our fans. I could understand it if people actually attended church and had a genuine valid reason as to why they were Pro-Protestant and anti Catholic, but most haven't a clue. You know that, I know that. I wish we could move away from it.
  11. Exactly, so why do people continue to call each other taigs and tarriers etc in here? It's tiring and old hat, and just a little bit embarrassing, and so pathetically easy to do the minute someone disagrees with someone!
  12. I am a Rangers fan. I couldn't give a shit about someone's background or religion. I hate Celtic, not Catholics. Just like I couldn't give a shit when Catholic Jorg Albertz signed for us!
  13. Taig, Catholic, I presumed they were the same! You probably know more about that kind of stuff. Not my field.
  14. I'm pleased for them, but McKay apart, I am ok with their leaving and wish them all well.
  15. You mean a Catholic? No sorry, I don't worship wee men in the sky!
  16. Hiya, welcome to adult discourse.
  17. No, I am not, I am a very logical person.
  18. I never seen any headlines, as I don't look at the shite rags, but my point was a general one, most non football fans do not discriminate in their condemnation of football fans. They tar us all with the same brush, and when those fans come from a different area, or country, they are even less likely to be careful as to who they point the finger at.
  19. Ah yes I did say that, but it was in no way implying the 'English' were/are daft, merely a notion that those that don't follow football will just see the headline, ie, Scottish fans causing trouble.
  20. Well I agree if we are out and out 4th, but if it is tight with those around us points wise, then I would feel more inclined to see how things panned out.
  21. Obviously 4th being the extreme, and as long as they were still vying for the spots above I meant. Not saying I would be happy with that, but i would give him the time to get it right if needed.
  22. He has my complete support until such time as I think we have regressed. In other words, if we are still around 2-4th at Christmas, I will still support him, as with so many players it will be hard to show an immediate improvement. I would give him the whole season to show his worth, unless there is an obvious downturn.
  23. You will need to elaborate, as I don't know which post you refer to. Must be my daft half Englishness preventing me from remembering!
  24. I honestly don't care what his heritage is, as he is no hero of mine, and I find it sad that others do see him in this light.
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