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  1. Clearly I'm not saying that but they've had mygers on top of season tickets for 2 seasons now so they could have at least kept the prices the same as they were the last time we paid for the europa league
  2. We all paid our money last season and never even got into Ibrox, I understand nobody knew that was going to happen but to then squeeze every penny they can out of us this season is a disgrace
  3. Well other clubs if you've paid your membership you get an opportunity to buy additional tickets
  4. Don't see why if you're a season ticket holder you can't try for an additional ticket, paid for my gers like everyone else on it
  5. If we need to pay for the privilege then we should be able to enter any ballot
  6. Would probably mean I'd fall away with points because guys who go abroad to games would get a lot more points but I would rather that than fall away on points because guys have bought rtv and bricks
  7. Points should be done on season tickets, attendance of games, none of this buying things like rtv and bricks
  8. I was meaning buying bricks, rtv, etc, I pay for my season ticket and all non league home games etc I can't afford to be flinging money at things like rtv and bricks to rack up points, I maybe didn't put that across the way I meant to
  9. I could have tried for one but away this weekend so would have been doing it purely for the points and moving it on, maybe I should have but I don't think that's the right way to go about getting points
  10. Aye you're right about giving the points for things they shouldn't be giving points for, I agree with you on that
  11. No thanks, I'm not quite on gold yet so sort someone who is more deserving of it
  12. Is my money for a season ticket, mygers, friendlies and all the other games I pay for not enough to have a shot at away games? Do I need to fork out for the stuff you've mentioned to be eligible for away games, if they're buying all that to get themselves into the gold tier then they've contributed less in other areas than me because I've not bought any of that stuff but that's alright because they're buying rtv and paying for bricks
  13. So if you've not got as much money to fling at watching Rangers as some others then you deserve to get fuck all?
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