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  1. Just direct with through Rangers or zebra?
  2. That paying in 4 without having to use zebra?
  3. Same, just waiting on payday myself, hopefully be the same amount as this year which is probably quite likely
  4. On a serious note, not heard anything about how they are going but imagine they will dramatically improve once everyone has been paid this month
  5. Heard some have renewed and some haven't.....yet
  6. Probably too busy a week with st renewals and folk still to pick up tickets for Sunday to be shut
  7. So that's it officially confirmed then, good move imo. We could have done a lot worse going by some of the names that were floating about
  8. South Upper, I'll need to take my binoculars with me
  9. Expect there to be an increase in price but not too much, probably about £30-£40
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