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  1. Definitely a bit of nerves in the team just now and what came naturally in the first half of the season isn’t there. I do agree though that Kent’s final decision has to be better. Gets himself into great positions but too often it’s head down and put the laces through it. The one he made the keeper save today he could’ve squared it to Hagi for a tap in. Saying that he does seem to thrive in the big games. Just needs a bit of calmness in front of goal and hopefully that will come. Saying all that he has been a vital part in winning 55. His early season form set much of the tone and even when he
  2. There is no doubt that Gerrard would walk to Liverpool for the managers job. Klopp would need to resign though. I can’t see them sacking him. Champions League and first title in 30 years should give him that but if the scenario did arrive I don’t think we could grudge Gerrard taking the job. On the plus side though I don’t see him taking a mid table Premier League job. If all goes well he’ll stick with us until the Liverpool job came up. Might change his tune if he’s overlooked for it but until then.
  3. I agree with that. Also think while Alfie hasn’t scored as many his movement and general play has been excellent. Couple of slack passes today but overall I think he’s contributing to the team. Could reach another level if he hits top form.
  4. I think Gerrard has learned from his mistakes last year and has publicly stated that the two guys playing in his position are doing well so he’s not going to change it. Not sure if there was or not some agreement about Worral playing last season but the chopping and changing affected us last season. It’s not like them playing a midfielder in place of a recognised defender. Goldson and Katic have been excellent so need for change. The guy is obviously a good player but for now will need to bide his time.
  5. I’m confused by this thread. When has Arfield been played wide right?
  6. I agree. I think he’ll only want to go to the Premier League. If he keeps up those performances then January will be horrible month for us fans. Part of me thinks though that Gerrard wanted to move him on due to the calling him out to tell the media his intentions. I’m not saying their is any issue or he doesn’t rate him. Just feel he knows his value and thought he could bring in 3 or 4 quality players for what we should get for him.
  7. Glad the English window shut before that game. He was outstanding tonight.
  8. I’m sure he would though as long as we covered his travel expenses. He loves the club that much.
  9. Probably not the best idea to sign players on the basis of one game against us. That’s still the best game i’ve seen Barisic play.
  10. We’d need to resign Lafferty first 🤔
  11. I thought his decision to play Flanagan and Jones tonight shows that Gerrard is improving as well as the team.
  12. He was great tonight. I do remember him getting the same acclaim this time last year then he went through a rough path. He’s young and that’s to be expected and getting a Swedish international for £3.5m is a no brainer. Strength in depth is what you need
  13. Has to be up there with the most unappealing friendlies ever. Saying that we’ve got Blackburn up soon with Charlie Adam as a trialist. It’s a tight one.
  14. If we could afford to financially I would give up European football this season. Play the reserves in the early qualifiers. Good experience for them and allows the first team the rest and preparation needed.
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