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  1. Just got an email about it now. Sounds like a great idea. Just made a purchase at b and q and got an email saying I've raised £2. Can see it being a good money maker if enough fans get behind it. Worth a thread of its own?
  2. That's unreal! When was that announced? I never saw anything. That's me signed up
  3. Great that we can do that for the charity. Would be good if we could do it for the club as well. Everyone's purchases generate more funds
  4. All legitimately licensed with the club mate. I know the company and owner very well.
  5. https://metalgallery.co.uk/products/glasgow-Rangers-ibrox-gates
  6. https://club1872.co.uk/news/fantastic-fanatics-partnership-announcement/ Fantastic Fanatics Partnership Announcement 6 May, 2020 Club 1872 is very pleased to announce a new partnership with Fantastic Fanatics which allows our members and the wider Rangers family to support Club 1872 through their online, and in due course in-store, purchases at no cost to them. Supporters just have to register with Fantastic Fanatics and pick Club 1872 as their club. They can then securely register their payment cards and any purchases they make online at a large number of major retailers including Boots, B&Q, Currys, Clarks, Sky and many others will raise funds for Club 1872. In the future in-store purchases will also be supported, further increasing the flexibility of contributing to Club 1872. All funds raised through Fantastic Fanatics will be received by Club 1872 Ltd and used to grow our membership through advertising, events and promotional materials as well as assist with running costs. As part of our agreement with Fantastic Fanatics, and at our request, all retailers that we are aware are associated with Mike Ashley have been removed from the Club 1872 retailers page. Club 1872 Director, Laura Fawkes said: “We are delighted to agree this partnership with Fantastic Fanatics. We all know the scale of the Rangers support within the UK and across the world and this partnership could raise significant funds for the organisation and give us much greater flexibility to grow our membership through additional advertising activity. We appreciate how difficult things are for many of our supporters currently and the financial uncertainty which the Covid-19 pandemic has brought, along with ongoing health concerns. The fact that this method of raising funds for the organisation does not cost our supporters anything and will allow us to benefit from purchases they are making anyway, made the proposition very attractive.” Barry Munro of Fantastic Fanatics said: “We are absolutely delighted to have entered into a partnership with Club 1872 and are looking forward to working closely with the organisation to help them achieve their exemplary goals and objectives. Our innovative and secure platform delivers a new revenue stream to clubs, trusts and organisations, so Club 1872 simply gets paid whenever their members shop, eat out, book hotels and lots more. We aim to grow our platform alongside Club 1872 and this partnership will help us to deliver a wider range of online and instore retail partners that will ultimately give the members the biggest and best choice of where and how to generate funds for Club 1872.” Supporters can sign up for an account at www.fantasticfanatics.com and there is an extensive FAQ available at https://fantasticfanatics.freshdesk.com/support/home
  7. Anyone know the one I'm thinking of? Had songs like blue scarves on etc on it. My Dad used to play it in the car on the way to games. Thinking it would be a good nostalgiac gift for my old man if I can find one.
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