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  1. I think the big man will stroll it. Very underrated defender.
  2. 🤣🤣🤣 very good mate. No tantrums from me ma man. Im away to enjoy the rest of my night getting smashed thank fuck for that kids portion to soak up the bevy.
  3. You've made a cunt of it mate. Carry on being a fat, thick cunt. 😉😉😉
  4. 😁😁😁 are you actually a fat mongo that can't read.
  5. I'm a roaster youre the fat weirdo that goes and down loads menus from restaurants then can't even read them right ya fat mess.
  6. The Thai fish cakes were delightful as was the chocolate brownie.
  7. Can you not read the menu ya fat cunt. Cheap bastard loyal 3 course deal ma man.
  8. Truffle mac and cheese from harvey nics in Edinburgh. Was amazing but I can't walk now.
  9. Got to series 3 of kingdom. Had high hopes it was going to progress then just got the scatter gun approach with characters disapering etc. Patched.
  10. My old man was notorious for fireing a crushed digestive on his mates caravans roof after the pub and they'd be moaning like fuck about the crows and seagulls jumping about on the roof first thing in the morning. 🤣🤣🤣
  11. He's from Pollok more likely ross mcormack turning up. Probably with the bevy and a g aswell.
  12. 3 fucking drinks. Ive skelped double that last night just finished my shift and on the voddies shortly. I will be in here next Sunday/Monday a weekend of madness is lined up and I can't wait.
  13. Wee wotsit hips strongly disagrees with this.
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