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  1. Morelos has been of it for weeks but this is starting to worry me a bit now.
  2. The boy that bumped it also bumped the should we change the backroom staff. I was writing a belter of a post about Maurice Ross being a great addition to the staff for obvious reasons and it got locked mid post. Raging!!!!
  3. I would say Kent. Not only for his work he does with the ball but the amount of time he plays with 2 men on him creating more space for other players to move into is a massive way in how we now play. Especially with the hopefully new change in trying to get the ball forward all the time.
  4. These guys are utter weapons. I can't think the last time anything major has went against them from the governing bodies or refs. Neither can he as he hasn't mentioned anything even remotely biased against them. Where as our board could compile some length of list. Always cheated never defeated no bother you bunch of manky bastards.
  5. Done the exact same with my kitchen. She picked the paint. I painted it and she was pissed of because it looked blue. The name on the tin was coastal fucking grey. How the fuck can grey look like the coast unless its a shitey pissing down day I don't know.
  6. I thought his youtube video looked good. Taking the ball from defence and getting it forward rapid. Also some of his balls to the wide players looked great and will compliment the way we play hopefully.
  7. The wee man doesn't miss a beat. Need a few more like him backing us.
  8. Leaving the boys to finish the job we are on. In the house quick bath, on the bevy and then get the game on happy fucking days.
  9. I'm still enjoying the melon when I'm wanting a dunt to be fair.
  10. Pat butcher wants her rug back. How was the md?
  11. Never forgive,never forgotten. Fucking wee white dug pumping scum bag.
  12. Love the big man and I think he could be a great partner for katic to learn alongside maybe in cup games when he is back to fitness.
  13. Aye with a orange in his gub and a 12 inch dildo up his arss. Horrible bastard that he is.
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