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  1. Look how far we have came from strikers like Kyle, lafferty, garner, waghorn. Jermaine fucking defoe is going to be our back up striker. Plenty of life in him yet. Loved cannigia when he was with us and for a cf fitness and age isn't everything. I'm well chuffed with this news. Hopefully more to come.
  2. Donation made. Good luck with everything.
  3. Looked a decent prospect. Shame he didn't develop. All the best to him.
  4. They cunts get some racist, alky, cokehead, wanker of a boy but with mental health issues. We get a boy from South America that helps his community back home, promotes Scottish football in a world level, takes all the racist/corruption on the chin at still a very young age and loves live. We all love you Alfredo. Ya wee mad bastard. More a man than any one of they scum.
  5. Man of his word. Love the wee man.
  6. Perfect words for a man who has led us through and came out the other side a Rangers legend and I mean that a legend. Think about the dross he played aside and look at him now.
  7. Brilliant post mate.
  8. Tinie tempah done a song about us. I think big balogun is pally with him.
  9. That shows we are a proper club, proper family we are the fucking people.
  10. Wee alfie ya mad bastard. Have my fucking tears. What a feeling.
  11. Patched it and bought the now tv pass for a tenner. The club need to sort this. Especially as we are at home so everything should be streamlined.
  12. The journey has just begun for the young mob mate. Back to where we belong. We welcome the chase ya dirty fenian bastards. Enjoy the day with them bud and show them what we are all about.
  13. Invincibles plus 1. What a absolute rocket of a guy. Imagine having a thought process like that when your team is absolutely fucked.
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