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  1. Always remember a wee Mexican bar man telling me we had a good player in herrera wee fucker must have been a Tim. He did tell me pena was a loon right enough.
  2. I'm the same and the tramps at Dundee can't even get there Mike's working.
  3. Ghost of tushima. Up there with one of the best games I've played.
  4. Marco negri scoring 5 against Dundee United.
  5. Till and macgregor are probably the best you will see capable of that and have failed numerous times now. Put them in with any half decent wrestler now and they'd be fucked.
  6. No British fighter will win another title against a out and out wrestler. Its a different level of physicality that can't be taught late on in life.
  7. Ufc is on bt sport 2 if anyone is interested.
  8. Definitely I think roofe is going to have a great game today. That front 3 will run them ragged.
  9. Thats the exact motivation that mob need. In my mind we are too complacent and a good few players need a boot up the arss. Tonight should have been it and it and we should have done a bit of damage to up the team for Sunday but we were dire.
  10. Out of context but the dog in your picture is it a shar pei?
  11. As been said borna looks struggling getting up and down the park. Definitely something going on with him.
  12. Keep trying mate. I've been well impressed with spiderman, a plagues tale and loving ghost of tushimi directors cut just now. I don't think I've ever played a more beautiful game. They have captured the Japanese scenery amazing and you can't beat going to town with ghengis khan's grandson.
  13. I've just went £100.00 for the win on Sunday. Can't miss out on odds like that especially with scums defence. I also think roofe is going to run riot on Sunday.
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