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  1. Well done for the young boy and good luck to him. Does anyone know where he is from. I met a boy onsite in the gers training trackie with his dad and I've always thought it was him.
  2. Aye he's charismatic for a dirty scumbag. I can't remember the actual quote but I went right of him when he refused to wear a poppy and made derogatory comments about British soldiers. That's that for me cunts a weapon.
  3. I loved boyd as a player and think he's a decent pundit but remember these manky bastards terrorised him about his brother talking his own life. We are on the up and it adds to the joy that he can get it up them and we can never have too many of us where we need to be in all walks of life. Aye you're fuckin right the establishment is back and where it belongs.
  4. That Darren odea is one thick cunt aswell. Guy can hardly string a sentence together.
  5. Yassss Kevin get it right up you. Absolute fucking loser. Glory hunting cunts.
  6. There's always a gerry in amongst it.
  7. Even had the fanny's twang too it. Loving big boydy these days.
  8. I know what you mean mate but I never doubted we would get back to where we belong. It's taken con men, pedo sympathising rings, Scottish politics to get us on our knees. No other club in world football can compare to what we have done and are going to achieve. We have went about it the long way and the wrong way but we are on the way to where we belong. At the fucking top and I won't let anyone of they dirty bastards forget it.
  9. I hope all the young mob realise what there witnessing now. This is fucking history in the making. I'm 38 and have experienced 9 in a row, helicopter Sunday etc. We aren't over the line yet but let all these dirty bastards that have been giving us it tight for years we are on the way back and you scum will be under our heel where you belong. The cards are starting to go and when they do they are going to fall rapid. I love being a bear!!!
  10. That formation would ruin teams. Would love to see it.
  11. I was laughing like fuck but I think that boy was genuinely not right.
  12. David is a fucking weapon. Propaganda what a absolute waste of oxygen.
  13. Yes mate. I couldn't believe the brass neck of the boy hitting out with that. More money than sense hopefully.
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