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  1. Is this your opinion or something you have heard bud? I think there will definitely be interest in January fingers crossed the board can hold there nerve. He's the least replaceable we have in the team.
  2. For me to loose more time in my life to check every day. I fucking love it.
  3. Finny


    Fuck paying conner fucking goldson 42k a week. The boy was tremendous last season and last season only. Lucky he hasn't been chased any other season.
  4. Finny


    I'm assuming alfie is our top earner maybe lundstram as he was a free. So what do we think alfie is on 33k a week. No chance is goldson worth that.
  5. I would bring on sakala. They will be going for another goal and should leave space for him to run into.
  6. Some talent there mate. I would be happy to pay a tenner a ticket.
  7. Finny

    Oculus quest 2

    I just ordered one of these for my wee ones Christmas. We got a free £ 50 game voucher with it. Any suggestions on what games to get for it.
  8. Not sure but his comments aren't going to go down with any team mates.
  9. Goldson and kamara having a bit of a heated discussion there.
  10. Thats pretty horrific reading but agree with it 100%
  11. Noticed that aswell. Growing a bit in my opinion.
  12. Mcann might have failed as the number one but he would be invaluable to gio on his knowledge of the Scottish game. Someone should have told Warburton not to play so high when you've got a jumped up Tim who is rapid playing for St Johnston and not to sign him. Or how brutal that prick from killie power was as a player or any other hacking fucker from the dross of our league is. A bit of Scottish football intelligence is needed especially mid way through the season.
  13. Ufc is on bt sport just now if anyone is interested.
  14. Just fi ish2d got and it's one of the best games I've played. Cracking game, storyline and scenery. Well worth the money. Starting death loop now see how I get on with that.
  15. Sent a video to my 13 year old nephew and he said fucking hell can we sign him as player manager😆😆😆
  16. That video still makes the hairs on my arm stand up.
  17. When you see they stats laid out like that it's some effort from big eck.
  18. This place is going to be mental the next few days. I've not been of my phone all day. Who needs to earn a living.
  19. If this board even contemplate mcinnes for manager il be down ibrox with my own metal sharks aswell as another good few thousand. 🤣🤣🤣
  20. If Derek mcinnes is even thought about I will loose my shit. For him to even have been offered the position in the past never mind knock it back was ridiculous. If he is offered it until the end of the season we aren't winning this league.
  21. If he leaves now it will leave a bit of a sour taste but it could also work out better for us as a new manager can maybe freshen things up. I would like GVB or beale and maybe bring in Mcann as a coach.
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