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  1. What a pathetic, small minded, idiotic thing to say. Handwringer no doubt. Fuckin KLOWN
  2. Love this. "Thank you for the days Those endless days, those sacred days you gave me I'm thinking of the days I won't forget a single day, believe me"
  3. Aye, kindda like that Niederkorn? The days of running over these teams are long gone. If it all clicks, then yes we will hump them As with the Niederkorn shite, we must be professional and careful
  4. Wonderful idea. The design will never satisfy everyone as we all have different tastes, none the less, WONDERFUL.
  5. One of the best days EVER One of the best videos EVER
  6. OP away and take your face for a shite Whit the fuck you on?
  7. In a "Rangers Forum" where it is "acceptable" to vilify, degrade and totally disrespect The Rangers in outrageous verbal fashion, is shocking. We can be constructive in our criticism or we can use destructive sounbites like a bunch of fuckin taigs. That is the level some of the comments on this forum have sunk too. In my 60 odd years of supporting my beloved club, I would NEVER denegrate them to the level some "support" in here do. This is The Rangers we are talking about, yet some of the bitterness and hatred some of you write, its as if you were tarrier skhum writing about the
  8. Hey, wee Chesney's looking for a job
  9. yermaw has been popping some illegal shite but then again, how the fuck would I know, am a tumshie
  10. At long last, we get to see Jordan Rossiter. wondered where he was
  11. Over to you guys for the words Oh my Candeias We could make it together The further from here by the better Where the air is fresh and blue Oh my Candeias Just take my hand and I'll lead ya I promise that life will be sweeter 'Cause it said so in my dreams
  12. Something not right with Ashley and his finances Nothing to do with us
  13. Boy doesn't say "maybe get an even bigger club." He said "maybe get an even bigger move." Totally different and no like The Dhaily Rhebel to put a shite slant on it. moving for £10k a week or moving for £50k a week is a BIGGER move
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