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  1. Unbeaten in the league and Europe, imagine how good we’d be if our defenders weren’t ‘average’.
  2. Realised when I created it that it looked like an injury or he’s been to a house party.
  3. Player of the year. Tav, Davis and McGregor all deserve mentions but Goldson pick of the bunch for me. Every minute of every game just about?
  4. So after 77 pages, did we ever actually find out what takeaway they got?
  5. I’ve never been wrong but I might have said Haliday and Flannigan were a better option at left back than Barisic.
  6. Not that worries tbh, Bassey and Patterson haven’t played much up until this point as others have mentioned there are people who could fill in if needed.
  7. Yes, the thread has been derailed but someone shouting ‘SHAME ON YOU’ to a stranger on a forum will never not be funny.
  8. jackrfc95


    We should have a 2-3 week lockdown. Heard that works quite well.
  9. Thought he'd be a great signing, even when Gerrard came in I thought he might somehow stay fit but was never going to happen.
  10. Fully expect the money to be taken before I get an email.
  11. First thing that came to my mind when I heard that line as well.
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