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  1. What a class guy 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
  2. Hopefully next season he stays in the team as he has great potential and I like how aggressive he is.....
  3. I think it's fair to say we have not season anywhere near the levels we hoped for or were expecting. As painful as it was getting pumped at the midden those things have happened to better Rangers sides than the one we currently have. It's dropping point to Hamilton, Kilmarnock and the Ross County yesterday that's killing us. Yesterday I actually thought we played decent, not great but definitely well enough to win it and missed some great chances. Our front three were off form and Wallace looks so low on confidence that benching him I think would actually be good for him. But where
  4. They sheep are at it to get under our skin, but they like every other club in Scotland are not significant enough to bother us. When we beat them we won't celebrate like mad, we will just walk off the park drive home and beat next team put in front of us. It's always about the Rangers.....
  5. Did anyone else think that with less than 24 hours to go of the transfer window that we would only have signed one centre back by now and it would have been 37 year old Clint Hill? Im struggling to believe that Warbs and Weir couldn't have identified that as our biggest weakness within the squad? I would have thought that would have been our biggest outlay rather than another centre forward. Regardless of whether Senderos signs or not it smacks of last minute buys which don't please me seeing as how bad we still are defensively. I hope we manage to pull couple players on loan or
  6. Betting Boyd for first goal scorer is betting against us. That's fairly obvious and means you make money from us losing first goal. You should never profit from us losing goals in my opinion!
  7. Comprehension? You bet against your own team? Who wants to make money off our downfall? Not me but you do,what you feel is right....
  8. No Rangers fan should ever bet against his own team!!!
  9. Actually found it now and changed original typo...thanks again mate ??????
  10. Wow every day is a school day:) still cant see edit button tho....Using I-pad so not sure if that makes a difference?
  11. Cheers mate. Didn't know that as only put a few posts on so far??
  12. Sorry for typo I did check it but obviously not well enough. Season ticket holder and I can assure you I know it's Kiernan. Apologies for the error...
  13. Player ratings for the Killie match. Does not please me at all to be this harsh. Foderingham 7 No chance with the goal and his distribution was decent and handling. Wallace 4 To say he is a mile off the player last season is doing the term a disservice. Looks to be lacking in confidence and having no visible impact on the team and he is our captain lest we forget. Hill 3 He was outpaced by Kris Boyd!! There is no way he can play for us again. He's gone. Looks finished. Would rather play 3 at the back or give boy on loan from Raith a chance as he cannot be worse t
  14. Is it just me or since the start of the league campaign have both Wallace and McKay been really poor? Barry was flying pre season and in the league cup? It seems to be if one is off his game it really affects the other and we have had not much joy on the left hand side of the park since the season began. Tav has been significantly better than Wallace so far this season. We have signed players that the manager says are good enough to play every week. Is it worth considering dropping Wallace and McKay for Killie match with Hodson and O'Halloran/Dodoo just to keep players on their toes
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