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  1. The problem is we don't have any organisation or figurehead to fight our corner because they know they'll be hounded as soon as they try to challenge the nationalist view. I'd bet on radio Scotland having their annual phone in next week about the big bad Orangemen bringing the city to a halt and how offended members of the public were, but no mention of obsessive Nat's marching through various town's and cities, spraying graffiti on buildings and bridges and generally trying to erode every bit of Britishness. I am not in the orange order but even I realise that we are in a propaganda/pr war wi
  2. Ok I give in your intellectual superiority beats me hands down ya clown
  3. Jeez let's set this straight for the hard of thinking!! You say" tragic patter." I then say I'm not a script writer so work it out !!!! It's not rocket science
  4. I like to think of myself as a fan not a script writer
  5. Nae probably invested in a new keyboard every season
  6. Did you renew your season ticket or buy your tickets on a fortnightly basis
  7. Totally agree. We have far too many fans organisations for the one club. With each one trying to prove that they have the fans/clubs best interests at heart. If we had one organisation at the forefront of the support/club then we could truly move forward as a unit
  8. Well K.A.I what's the answer cos I ain't being sarcastic but I genuinely don't know. We've went down the road of being bankrolled by one owner then we've been abused by various chancers who have walked away far richer than what they invested
  9. Agreed that they're support are loonies. But do you honestly think sections of our support would allow a person to come in fix the problems and then walk away with a good profit
  10. We don't need a McCann. Our stadium is already fit for purpose (needs a bit of money spent on it) McCann came with the plan to turn them about then leave with a good profit, he was upfront about that and got booed for it at sellick park. We need someone who is in it for the long haul and is willing to match the supporters demands
  11. Well I guess I am in good company then. Because at some point we've all bought into Whyte, Green, Easdales, Ashley
  12. I ain't trying to justify one regime over another. The op said we've been treated like mugs the past 3years all I was pointing out is it's been far longer than that and with far more culprits
  13. Your a better man than me. Even with a constant supply of beer I turned it off.
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