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  1. Didn't even bother turning it on and just watched it on Sky. Was shit last season so wasn't expecting any better this season. Was Tyldsley commentating?
  2. Sakala was anonymous, if he's to replace Alfie we are in bother.
  3. Glad I was unsuccessful in the ballot now, this is dross.
  4. Sakala has to make a run behind for Wright to find him there.
  5. Sakal looks like he's trying to break Morelo's 2017/18ish records for "most offsides in a match"
  6. Could do with another creative midfielder and getting Middleton and Barker off the wage bill.
  7. Professional athletes shouldn't be smoking cannabis.
  8. If those who boo the knee are all racists then why do these racists never boo during 'Show Racism the Red Card' displays?
  9. The Home Secretary is against it. Is she racist?
  10. Because they're annoyed about being subjected to a protracted moral lecture about how bad their society is.
  11. Because they associate it with the BLM movement.
  12. A racist is someone who discriminates against someone or holds antipathy towards them based on their ethnicity. A racist is not someone who objects to the display of a political gesture.
  13. Cant all be operating on the intellectual plane you are...
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