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  1. Said to the wean tonight to savour it, these sorts of runs and succes don't happen anywhere near as frequently as you imagine they do. We will be looking back at this side and reminiscing about them in 20 years time.
  2. Spoil sorts running our chances of getting it at the piggery
  3. No, they could, theoretically still win it on goal diff. Even though they'd need to win every game about 7-0
  4. The scene is set for Morelos to get his first goal against Celtic and the one that seals the league.🤞
  5. I know plenty of Loyalists who can't stand Rangers. Rangers and Loyalism are not the same thing.
  6. I saw a random young American black child wearing one in Dubai Airport.
  7. No a strip but seen this random italian cutting about with a Rangers scarf on at Fiorentina vs Genoa last season.
  8. Huge attacking threat now gone. Nothing going to come down the right side now.
  9. I doubt your company would face potential multi million pound losses if you breached covid guidelines, Rangers could have.
  10. Why do so many seem to want to give Patterson a free pass? If he is the supposed diehard that folk make him out to be then he should have been even more aware of the importance of the season for the club. All 5 are a disgrace. The consequences had they not been caught on Saturday and came into training before it was revealed are unimaginable.
  11. If someone working for the polis used their systems to search for such information, with no justifiable reason for doing so, then disclosed the fact that they had done so to a 3rd party, then they're putting their job on the line.
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