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  1. I personally would be willing to pay it. But I'm in a more fortunate position than a lot of people. I'm not buying 3 or 4 either. I dont think it is right, after paying for nothing this season, but I would pay it because I could. However, that 100 extra could be the tipping point for hundreds if not thousands of loyal rangers fans who could be priced out of supporting the club. That wouldnt sit well with me morally. Ask me again if Celtic are sitting top of the table and you might get a differnt answer.
  2. Aye I paid over a grand for 2 season tickets to keep up the pretence. Pride comes before a fall and far far too many Rangers fans thinking it's a formality. Fuck all won in November, we all thought it was done and dusted on the 29th of December last year...
  3. Best predictor of future actions is past behaviour. celtic have proven theyve got the bottle to win a league. None of these Rangers players has proven theyve got the bottle to win anything, in fact they way they've capitulated at easter road, pittodrie and rugby park last few seasons suggest they havent. The over confidence or too many Rangers fans is going to lead to complacency. Rangers are running amock so far, but if celtic win they're games in hand then we are a draw and an old firm loss away from being level points. That's hardly an unrealistic scenario, especially when you consider
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