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  1. Some amount of absolute shite gets posted on here, he made 1 mistake, if the rest of the team hadn't made mistakes in front of goal nobody would care, yet there are calls for him to be dropped??? He was outstanding before that.
  2. Another fucking shambles! Contrary to all the pre-season optimism, that side has regressed. McGregor, Davis, Defoe are all another year past their prime. The 2 "additions" (Lundstram and Sakala) add absolutely nothing. The time to improve is when you're at the top. Instead we are set up and trying to play exactly how we were last season. Teams have worked it out, everybody knows to press Rangers and get men behind the ball. Gerrard has absolutely no Plan B. Everyone is shouting about "strength and depth" but we are relying on Itten (a never will be) and Defoe whose best years are behind him to change it. Scott Wright is also going to be another Greg Stewart/ Brandon Barker, he is powder puff. Half the board were wanking themselves into a frenzy because we beat Real Madrid in a glorified training session. I got slaughtered on here for saying it meant fuck all! When it has been shown to mean absolute fuck all! I got slaughtered on Wed night for saying the Malmo performance was a shambles. I will no doubt get slaughtered today again, but I guarantee the numbers that slaughter me will be diminishing with every passing week. That team are mental midgets. They've bottled it every time they've played in a domestic cup and threw away games to inferior opposition when they've had a scent of success. A league win vastly assisted by a Celtic implosion doesn't change that. They didn't suddenly become winners over night. Put them in front of a crowd and it's 50/50 whether they crumble when things don't go exactly how they want from the outset. Too many Rangers supporters have spent the last few months pissing themselves laughing at Celtic, instead of focusing on the club they support. If they get their defence sorted out then they'll give us a huge test this season. There isn't one player who has started this season well.
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