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  1. Don't get it, just score goals as you are paid to do
  2. I think it's almost impossible to qualify given that we won't be seeded, the final playoff round will likely be a German, Italian or English side.
  3. Great few weeks, 2nd place a stick on, we are much better that sheep and Hearts but Europa League qualification almost inpossible unfortunately
  4. There were a lot of the East Side Scum in the Hibs end during the final...Obsessed indeed
  5. Thought he was terrific, looked like it was a massive moment for him that goal
  6. The boy is a waster with a bad attitude....
  7. Great battling qualities
  8. Rogers is a very poor manager, one of the worst in the league
  9. Said after the 5-1 defeat Warburton will be gone by the end of the season. This will happen, we cant afford to pay him off, so will be put on gardening leave.
  10. Great finishes but that two back to back games we've been lucky, need a big performance Wednesday. Dodoo has to start for Garner
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