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  1. Got one in the ballot. Looking to Swap for final ticket if it suits anyone?
  2. I think we may see a big hike in season book prices for next season.
  3. Does anyone know any shops in Glasgow that sell the Rangers Tartan Tie? Found a few online, but need it for today. Cheers
  4. If we are going to keep track of decisions for, the we surely need to say the Penalty is at least a key decision for, despite the lack of Red to build a fair case, going forward. Is the plan to amend this after every Scottish tie to reflect the situation?
  5. Anyone looking to swap a North or South stand ticket for a West Stand one?
  6. It looks like a fake, its a childs top by the looks of it and that wouldn't have the sponsor on it.
  7. Why do they not just give us what will sell? Who makes these decisions. Live the tangerine dream.
  8. Maybe he has acquired them in anticipation of matching the new training/away kit
  9. The person who has started the petition has his name as "Jim" - unless his legal name is "Jim" the whole petition will be nil and void. Royal waste of time. Also, what clout does the website 38 degrees hold?
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