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  1. fs uz are awfy aggressive in here my names calm qh fs
  2. the fanny at a markus schulz gig is just tremendous
  3. Let me know. I was waiting on you watching it ?
  4. Can't pass zebra Good luck when you something important
  5. Watching the circle just now while the wee man sees his mum. Hope this is good. Love Tom Hanks
  6. Anytime I'm away on holiday or a weekend I don't post fud
  7. Said that to me and about my liver. Never went back to him about it ? I don't want to know lol. You always hear of people seeing the doctor and being told x amount of time to live. I wonder if you never see them would you last longer ?
  8. I've had that for over ten years. Heart disease runs in my family yet I've battered more gear than a Columbian drug Lord and still fine
  9. Legion of brothers looks good @Band of Brothers
  10. Avoid signing up for sports nation. 50 sheets for a full season of unlimited sports in hd and no buffering
  11. I thought that but can't end any other way ?
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