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  1. fs uz are awfy aggressive in here my names calm qh fs
  2. ive always loved the fact that the beggars and part time beggars open their mouths n get shown up we should be dignified and not set ourselves up for failure. i honestly think ill have a stroke when we win the title ps for lurking journos ftp and fgau cunts
  3. check linwood mte heard they had a few spare. 120
  4. im taking a patsy and drinking a mix between wine n bow. cancelled luxembourg to stay aff it too
  5. if i had a tommy gun id shoot every fenian one just for walking on the ......
  6. admin fucking with me. i never wrote this @born a blue nose
  7. ive no recollection of writing this
  8. blank kids vlub like kate. no surrender no idea what im saying here lol
  9. @born a blue nose i neecd help . few pints and roy no im ru i hate that we have became that team and go fo it
  10. Second half was exactly like last season except we were playing part timers that have never won in Europe and should have had a penalty
  11. What did he do wrong apart from one time he was the wrong side?
  12. I thought he was great last night and I was sober. People saying he was shite must have consumed a lot
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