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  1. I was expecting it to be pish but it wasn't. Can tell it's a guy Ritchie film for sure but there's some really good action bits in it
  2. Fuck off. I didn't say it was good ? It was better than expected. Same as @Dan Deacon
  3. That was for his walls ya banger He has two posters now. The flash and arrow
  4. Lies? Got the Xbox one s for his birthday in November and play @plumbGER and get beat at fifa on it with him. I won £600 on roulette from a score (check betting thread) on Friday so got him the ps4 1tb slim from cash generator. He has a few friends with ps4 so wants to play them Why would I lie? Cause you're well jel Away and shove a goose up your arse x
  5. It's hard to get him to go out cause some wee dicks here so I'll be taking him out. He's getting a gaming pc and wants two monitors for his birthday. Has tablet phone and laptop. His head is constantly stuck to technology and getting him away from that is tough. Gonna take him a walk up the cobbler too. He's also got the Rangers summer soccer school coming up
  6. I'm going to love it just kidding lol. Got the game tomorrow then taking him hill walking friday. Got a road trip planned with a mate then a bbq. Going to be doing a lot of cycling and think I might book a caravan for a week. It's just such a long time that I've got to keep thinking of something different. He's not great with big crowds but fine at the football lol
  7. She might be a pain but that's a horrible comment
  8. Cause every day I need to think of an activity that my son will enjoy and I won't get a seconds break.
  9. I was the same mate. Ran out of things so stuck it on. It's a new Zealand film and strangers on a random road trip. 40 mins into it and really enjoying it.
  10. I'm watching it just now and it's a screener. You know what I'm like with poor copies ? I'm sure @bluedylan was looking to watch this
  11. I turned it off After about half an hour everything's the same
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