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  1. I watched her on the Tele when she said she wouldn't let her kids be friends with other kids with 'council estate' names. That was enough for me. Her and Morgan make a living out of being like fsm.
  2. If love to stab that rodent morgan. Him and that bitch from apprentice (can't mind her name) deserve (at least) a proper doing (at worst) cut up and fed to pigs Hopkins
  3. I edited it Talking shite dan. I edited it 5 hours ago and you posted 13 mins ago. ?
  4. A good mattress good pillows and duvet are heaven. I'm allergic to feathers so need to buy new pillows every couple of months cause they lose their puffiness ?
  5. It's definitely worth sticking with mate. I watched first season and took me a year to start watching it again. Glad I did
  6. Asdasfour dips at the fridge section are tremendous. Their cheap tortilla chips are good too and only bout 40p a bag
  7. Love when you get one that's hidingwith all the dust on it. Snort that shit up. Just kidding bout the snorting ? Haha phones prediction when you type snorting
  8. Another great choice I like to have cheese and onion then salt and vinegar. Prawn cocktail are my least favourite still destroy them though
  9. Dying for them but stopped buying them cause I destroy them all in one sitting
  10. Dump her I'm trying this tomorrow. Might live life on the edge and add tomato
  11. I was a postman when I was 16. My lunch was 2 rolls and 10p crisps out the shop. Dynamite
  12. They're tremendous too but I don't eat them with my fingers I pour them in my mouth. Hate that they stick to your hands ?
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