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  1. I smashed 14 of the square multi pack in an hour. I try not to buy crisps ?
  2. Ready to book flights in 25 mins cause we'reback in Europe yasssssssssssss
  3. I watched one episode and couldn't get into it. Americans is one of the shows that seems to have taken a break
  4. It's not exceptional but I like it. Every programme I watch seems to be on a break so it's doing my fucking nut in. About 10-12 series I watch and not been a new episode for about a month.
  5. You seen Einstein yet? I've seen two episodes so far and enjoying it
  6. My uncle's one. Fucking joke. Don't do Christmas either. Also don't believe in blood transfusions. So if their kid is lying dying in hospital and needs one they'll let him die.
  7. Scotty you're killing me. I never say anything but it's every post now . I beg you mate. Please stop ??
  8. That's sounds brilliant. I'm too much of a clean freak to do that. I can't even last a weekend at t in the park cause camping and I'm out my nut when there. Been either 4 or 5 times and longest I've lasted is till Sunday morning. The last time I went it was Thurs to sun camping. No bands until Friday though. I was home by Friday afternoon. I need my bed and bathroom ???
  9. Thanks mate Genuinely hope so. Sometimes he'll see me getting annoyed at my dad and I always say don't ever let that happen to us. Dad calls him fat and her 11 ffs. Always critical of everyone. Thinks he's better than everyone too. I know I get mwi and take gear. (Well been stopping that) but my son doesn't see that side of me. And I'd hate him to know what I'm like lol. Hope we have a close bond as long as I'm here .
  10. I always wanted a good dad just didn't happen. I'm not the best dad but I do my best for my son. Annoys me when people say that cause they had bad parents then they are or bad life that's why they're a junkie. You know what I mean. I resented my dad a lot more when my son was born. He was never there for me and I know how much I love my son so I couldn't understand that. All he done was give me money every time he cancelled. Obviously didn't want the money. He tries to lecture me on how to parent my son and it really pisses me off. Yesterday after he told me he paid for my so
  11. Fuck sake that's bad chat. I called my dad and wished him it and wee man said happy papas day. He's not been a great dad though so didn't go n see him. My mate was out yesterday getting a card so he got me one for my dad ? any present I get my dad you can tell he doesn't like so I tend to not bother now. Will give the wee man a score to buy him something tomorrow and pop up and see him
  12. When I didn't have the wee man when mothers day came round I would give the wee man money to buy stuff for her cause it makes him feel good. I never got anything and she used to say it's not my job to get you anything. Stupid fucking mutt didn't grasp the fact that the wee man felt bad. Today he made me a card and got me a tankard. Just a wee pound shop effort saying no1 dad but I was chuffed and could see he was. When he got home from church he made me a cup of coffee and some toast. Just having him here makes it a great one tbh. Glad he's back at school tomorrow though ? sch
  13. Norks???? Her tits are banging though. I'd go all me myself and Irene on them
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