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  1. The way you said it implied to me he would consider joining their coaching staff the now if approached. Canny believe I'm even talking about this.
  2. Eh, that's why I said "ffs man" 🙈
  3. You said he might not have a problem going there just because his nephew might go there. If you think Barry Ferguson might ever end up at them then yer fucking mad mate.
  4. Mate, I don't read papers and all that shite. I just go with what I see and read on here.
  5. Well maybe it's just me but whenever I read these peices where he's "putting the boot in" I see it as more of a guy who's unhappy about the shit that's going on just like the rest of us and is demanding its sorted out. Might just be me though 🤷‍♂️
  6. Thats clearly not what I even implied never mind said. You reckon he'd go there like?
  7. People need to get over this thing where everything Barry Ferguson says or does sends them into a rage. The boy is just an out and out football man. One of us. He wants to be involved in football as its all he's ever known. Give the guy a break man ffs. Am 39 and a massive fanboy of his. All the best Barry.
  8. Thats more like what I was looking for 😂😂🤷
  9. Haha, here mate. Am pulling yer plonker. I've seen you fly aff the handle loads of times on here and seeing as I've had a few swallys the day I went for it for a laugh 🤣
  10. I follow Rangers home and away and support the SNP. Who the fuck are you to tell me otherwise?
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