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  1. Anyone else had problems with the stream all night? I have had lots of buffering and had a message saying I was blocked at one point.. not a big deal for this game but don't want it to happen at the weekend.
  2. To be fair to Kevin Clancy, he is at it, blind and a tim.
  3. In fairness, Hagi hasn't been great but his assist for the first goal was exactly the kind of pass through the defence we had been begging for in so many games where we couldn't break through before.
  4. I actually think our current 11 is better than our starting 11. Hope we go onto smash them.
  5. Imagine being a Dundee Utd player and seeing a frustrated Alfredo Morelos about to come on as a sub
  6. Is anyones audio completely out of sync with the picture on RTV?
  7. He was alright today, just that final decision not going the right way. Looks like he is close to clicking though. Not a bad squad option, probably not in our best 11 when everyone is fit though.
  8. I’ve been offered a seat in GF2. Anyone any ideas what it’s like in there? I’m addition to this I’m living overseas - I just want to get the season book and let my dad use it besides when I’m home. Can I do this or will the club do something about it?
  9. Happy with that. If we can keep churning out results then that’s the most important thing. Barker was surprisingly good today. We can’t lose Kent under any circumstances, he is actually even more important than Morelos and more importantly looks like he wants to be here.
  10. Walter just said on RTV he was sacked in the October of our 10IAR season and asked to stay on until the end? Have I lost my mind or was this never disclosed. I was under the impression he had decided to step down himself. Thought I was hearing things initially but he repeated it a minute later. If he was sacked.... I have no words.
  11. 3 points. Clean sheet. Minutes in Roofes legs (who looks blunt as fuck). Job done, onto the next.
  12. Was messing around on YouTube and stumbled across a new Laudrup montage from last month. I was just getting old enough to enjoy football when Brian signed, had his video and watched plenty of his games but this video is the best I have seen... 24 solid minutes of him just ripping teams apart. Some footage I had never seen before. I love that we got to enjoy him in our team but the selfish part of me wishes he had been around longer - either joining earlier or staying around longer. Can only imagine the damage he could have caused in the Advocaat team.
  13. Excellent today. Really enjoyed it. He got Kent and Jack mixed up a few times but a huge step up for the whole RTV setup. Hopefully it stays when the fans are back but I can’t see it. Imagine the revenue we could generate if we ditched the sky deal and just showed every match on a virtual season ticket.
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