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  1. I don’t know why anyone would object to a lucky draw amongst Season ticket holders... everyone would have an equal shot and it would be making the best of a bad situation.
  2. We were ridiculously good this night. Losing 2-0 away from home to a team that beat us 5-0 is equally ridiculous on the other side of the scale though.
  3. Aribo is a much much better player than Scott Wright is at this moment in time. Wright looks good but lacks a final product so far.
  4. Patterson coming on for the last 30 may be a stroke of genius to be fair, he would have fresh legs and could run at a tired Laxalt. As long as its still level at that stage! I don't think we can get through another half of the same on level terms.
  5. This feels like one of the games vs them when they had Di Canio, Spaghetti head and co. All over us but we have more of a cutting edge in the final third. I think we need to just accept Balogun can't play right back in the big games. Get Patterson on and see how the game goes from there. Arfield for Aribo or Hagi may be worth getting on at some stage too to give us a bit more mettle.
  6. I hope we draw these bastards in the CL qualifiers. I know they are a good side but so are the others we can draw anyway. Our players would be right up for it.
  7. We will probably get them in the CL qualifiers... weird how these things come around. Parma... Progres more recently.
  8. We all want a Bougherra style centre back until he actually starts running out from the defence... then we are all swearing at the telly
  9. Nah. Good striker play running across the front, Goldson is arguably our most consistent player and we have conceded fuck all in the league. Patterson was caught in no mans land. Marking space. Should have been racing out to the man as soon as he got the ball to help out Arfield. If he couldn't do that then move back a bit so he can influence the cross. He was just left in a place he couldn't influence anything unless the cross was shite.
  10. We have him tied down for 2 more years yet. Hopefully he signs an extension in the Summer, one of my favourite players for us. However, if he wont sign a new contract then we should consider offloading him in the Summer if there is interest, whilst he has 2 years left and we can get good value. He is a good player but midfielders are much more plentiful on the market than the Morelos / Kent's of the world which would be much harder to replace.
  11. Spot on. We are always going to lose at some stage in this competition and when we do the mentalists will come out. We didn't do ourselves justice tonight but we over performed in the groups and Slavia are no mugs.
  12. Kent has been the difference in many of our Europa League games..... I think we need to temper our expectations. The reality is that we aren't going to win the CL. Getting to the groups is our goal and once we are there then we need a good draw, a bit of luck and to play to our maximum. If we do that then we can finish 2nd or 3rd. No point stressing too much about what happens when we get there. Just win the league and get there.
  13. 2 for each position. I don't think Patterson is ready to be thrown in for 40-50 games a season yet imo. He was at fault for the goal tonight too imo. He is a fantastic prospect but I don't see anything wrong with having competition. Nobody has a divine right to be a guaranteed starter, homegrown or not.
  14. Wonder how much Bah would cost, would be a perfect replacement for Tav.
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