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  1. To put another spin on it. If we can come through that batch of games then we will be in pole position with easier fixtures ahead of us. There is also a good gap between the first 4 and given the size of our squad I would like to think we can handle it. Beat celtic and hopefully it gives us the momentum to push through the other 4 with a little breathing room should we have difficulties.
  2. McCoist used to be class in the masters tournaments.
  3. Couldn't see this posted elsewhere. Released in last day or two. An hour long chat with Gerrard on high performance. I think it's just the audio up just now, full video will likely follow soon. Audio: https://jakehumphreyhighperformance.libsyn.com/steven-gerrard-on-how-to-make-high-expectations-a-reality Here is a clip of him talking about his first introduction to the Rangers squad:
  4. Hagi has been the difference in countless games with accurate passing for that all important deadlock breaking goal, today was just another one of them. Previously we would toil at 0-0 for ages before struggling to a draw or conceding and full on panicking. Excellent player. If he had pace to burn then he would be out of our reach. My only criticism is that I would like to see him shoot a bit more from distance as he has a fair hit on him.
  5. I still feel pissed off about the fine margins against us this season tbh. If Kent's late shot vs Livingston went in and Arfield didn't miss a sitter against Hibs then they would have already imploded, even with all their late goals! Can't have it all I suppose. Hope we give Killie a doing next week but that is as tough a game as can come after a European game so any win will do.
  6. Our game next week is absolutely massive, away to Killie is a tough tough game. Europe remains a bonus. Tell you what though, if we win next week and celtic drop any points in their next game then they could go into free fall. Winning is a habit... and so is dropping points. Also - the scums late goals just papered over the cracks. Craig Moore said it right on Go Radio a few weeks ago, you can't keep playing so shite and relying on late goals. Over the course of a season it will catch up with you. Next week against Killie is massive, chance to put 9 points between us and pile the
  7. If he had it all he wouldn't be with us. He is racking up a good amount of assists for us and he was instrumental in the opener. We are so so comfortable in this game... similar to the game against the paedo's to be fair.. bit more of a challenge this week actually, at least they have had a shot.
  8. This cracked he up haha, what a stupid cunt.
  9. celtic losing 2-0 now, they are utterly shite. What a great night.
  10. For me the Albertz free kick, Mendes corner lay off, Konterman hit and Barrie McKay screamer will always hold a special place as they were in wins against the scum!
  11. Morelos should have done much better with his chance, could have killed the game.
  12. YASSSSSSSS!!!! Odds on a Goldon double? Fuck them and their shit team.
  13. We should be firing shots into their goalkeeper, he looks very suspect and bound to be even more unsure of himself after the goal.
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