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  1. Simpson looking better than he did last season. Great performance. Whatโ€™s the deal with Aribo and Roofe? Our squad is ridiculously strong.... we have Aribo, Roofe and Morelos to come back in!
  2. At least Kent got that miss out the way in a friendly ๐Ÿ˜‚
  3. Thought it looked shite but looks quite smart in the game vs Brighton. Realise I am the only one who thinks this though
  4. The actual moment the fan started bleating on about the SFA, referees and FFP ๐Ÿ˜‚
  5. Their manager actually comes across as a really decent stand up guy. However, whether he is any good or not... I think he is properly up against it. He hasn't evaluated his backroom team, has no idea if he needs analysts or different coaches, no experience of Scottish, British or even European football and has no idea what players he needs or what players may be staying or going. In addition to this, their CEO has no idea what parts of the club to prioritise and is just providing soundbites. As their manager rightly said, all the small percentages add up and on the flip side of them, we
  6. I was really thinking when watching it "he's gone.. no chance.". Unbelievable he recovered from that. The only positive to come from this is that if he turns out to have a defect or issue then there probably wasn't a better place for him to find out. Still feel a bit shocked but delighted he is ok.
  7. Just seen this and it properly brightened my mood... the media are shocking but I was pleased to see him looking alive.
  8. Miss the days of a good old Albertz "knuckle puck time" style shot.
  9. How it started... How it's going...
  10. Or into contention as no chance Liverpool would let him go if he was still flying. Hopefully these last few days will have helped convince Stevie to stay put for now but I think it will be very difficult to convince him to stay if Liverpool come calling.
  11. More concerning is if Germany make a big push for Klopp. Hopefully not.
  12. WhatsApp Video 2021-02-25 at 3.28.09 PM.mp4
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