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  1. Much more comfortable than I expected. Nice to see us only playing 1 defensive midfielder in a league game too.
  2. Wouldn't mind Porto. We handled them nicely last time round and some of the players will feel confident going into that. Porto at home was the last game I was at as well.
  3. Rangers through, celtic out. Perfect night but fuck me we made that harder than it needed to be. A rare clean sheet in Europe or just generally this season too.
  4. This game has sucker punch written all over it. We need to take our clear cut chances at this level, that Aribo miss was a shocker. Enjoyable game so far though.
  5. Hagi is thriving in this role. That is a head in hands in moment from Aribo.
  6. That was a horrendous miss from Goldson. I'm not sure what to make of today. They have scored every shot they have had and we have had absolutely no control over the game. Bizarre subs, usual lack of creativity. Gio will hopefully come in and we can somehow scrape through Thursday but the outcome of today and Thursday are firmly attached to Gerrard and company leaving us in the middle of an International break right before these two games imo. Complete lack of integrity and hung the squad and the (clearly incapable) youth coaches out to dry today imo. This makes him bailing even worse and probably unforgivable for me.
  7. Who the fucks putting the boot into Gio?! I'm watching on RTV. If anyone should be getting some kicks here, it's SG. He left us with no fucking manager in an International break before 2 of our biggest games of the season so far! This has absolutely fuck all to do with Gio and is part of SG's legacy whether he likes it or not.
  8. Whatever happens today, this is firmly part of Gerrards legacy.
  9. Honestly.... I don't hate him and I'm not against him but I have lost a bit of respect for him. SG doesn't seem to have the integrity I thought he had. Do I look happy... do I look settled. Rightio. What a fucking situation he has (rapidly) decided to leave us in. His legacy will simply be 55 now when it should have been consolidating us and returning us to the CL. Absolutely gutted that he has turned out to have as much integrity as Brenda did across the city. I genuinely thought he had more about him.
  10. It's not about him leaving. It's about the timing and his response to the speculation on Newcastle recently. "Do I look settled, do I look happy? Don't ask me silly questions then." looks very hollow at this moment in time.
  11. If SG leaves now, right before a semi final and a do-or-die European game, his character is simply not what I thought it was. He doesn't need the money and he always goes on about how he loves being at Rangers as its a club like Liverpool where winning is expected and he wouldn't get that buzz at most clubs. If he swaps us for Villa then It will really damage most Rangers fans views on him IMO. This doesn't mean we hate him or we don't appreciate 55. It just means that he clearly didn't love the club as much as we thought and clearly didn't respect the pain the fans have been through over the years like he said. If he did then there would be no way he leaves at this moment in a season. Jobs like Villa will always come around on the normal musical chairs routine once in a while. There is no reason to rush into this one. I hope I am wrong but it looks like Gerrards legacy is going to be a fraction of what it could have been. It will be all about 55 when it should have been about leading us to back-to-back titles, the CL and a few domestic cups. No one man is bigger than Rangers but I will be incredibly disappointed in SG if he walks now and takes his whole backroom team with him leaving us totally scunnered.
  12. Wright lacks that little bit of quality in the final third. I feel like dropping our captain and Davis who are both vital players in our biggest games is an odd decision. Hopefully we can get back into this.
  13. Tbh the league is the priority but we are just playing shite. We need to get a settled 11 and hope players like Kent, Goldson, Helander aren't injured throughout the season.
  14. Ref was an utter cunt tonight. Sakala doesn't seem good enough for us so far. Bacuna starting and Morelos being on the bench seemed very poor decisions at kick off and even worse decisions by full time. There wasn't much in the game but we are continuing to lack a cutting edge up front. Not surprising given we keep chopping and changing the line up. Hopefully that will at least make the players a little bit more desperate for the 3 points at the weekend.
  15. Morelos has just done it so often in Europe for us and has often been a big player for us, especially away from home in big games against Feyenoord, Porto, Young Boys.. he deserved the benefit of the doubt imo and Sakala could have still played down the left. Bacuna starting tonight was just bizarre.
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