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  1. Thanks to @islanderbear84 for the offer of a Ticket for Erskine. Unfortunately, we need 2 Tickets on this occasion!
  2. Nothing on offer! We have let Erskine know, we cannot help on this occasion.
  3. @Elfideldo I don’t add a like if it’s a poor result but I do appreciate your Report. 🔴⚪️🔵
  4. Wait until you see him wearing his lampshade in the other thread!
  5. Thanks for getting the photos from Pam & Broxi’s Veteran @Bears r us & Mrs Bears r us!
  6. Photos as mentioned on the BRAVEHOUND thread. Broxi had to have a wee operation on his eye……….
  7. Just thinking we needed a couple of photos of Broxi to update all you Bears who ask about him when you PM. More photos to follow on the New Season Fundraiser thread…..Yes, I know that’s a bit sneaky! Thanks to @Bears r us & Mrs Bears r us for contacting Pam to get some more recent photos!
  8. Transferred to the Donated List: @AGC123 @ger4life_1872 @Lovenkrands72 @scottyscott1963 @SuperTav @theblueoysterbar @Willis
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