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  1. No surrender ?? All the best to you
  2. DKFTP

    Pedro out

    P45 in the post.... the guys clueless an should be out a job ASAP
  3. It's has to be Ally we struggled in lower leagues to play decent fitba.... but Pedro clueless an fucking useless a saw enough last season to realise that
  4. The wee rat showed he has nae class... but the club1872 statement fucking embarrassing ?
  5. They videos are hilarious... an Tommy only showing the rebels up for being anti British an terrorist loving rats... well done Tommy
  6. Pedro never a football manager... ad go for Barry Ferguson
  7. Goram Stevens Gough Hendry Numan Gio McCall Gazza Cooper Laudrup Johnston
  8. How's that ? Been following Rangers since 80s an my opinion is when we done 9 in a row fans turned up expecting to win an it killed the atmosphere.. also doing away way standing in enclousres never helped
  9. FairPlay UB put the rest to shame...9 in a row killed the atmosphere
  10. The guy showed his knowledge a football last season yet we still took a punt on him must go NOW
  11. Follow follow the cash ain't their it's simple as.... should a used Murray park when we got pumped doon to the bottom tier
  12. Never said the lad was just think we need the experience a Hill in our team why not play the 2 together
  13. If Hill starts we have a chance against that lot..... if on the bench I fear repeat a last week embarrassment
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