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  1. Would you think it would take him 3-5 years to get into Rangers first team ?
  2. Apparently he gets £110 per week and can't sign a pro contract till he's 17 in England according to someone on the radio who looked at the rules for underage players.
  3. It's an absolute farce and heavily weighted in favour of 2nd last in the Premier league who only have to play two games. Should just be a straight forward 2nd in the Championship plays 2nd bottom in the Premier league over two legs. I would relegate 2 from the Premier league and promote 2 from the Championship and 3rd placed in the Championship plays 3rd bottom in the Premier league. The split is also an abomination and sometimes you find teams in the bottom six end up with more points than some of the top six teams. I would also increase the size of the Premier league to 19 te
  4. Don't also forget the English tabloids with McKenna and Greenslade who's good friends with the gobblegiver. A few of them have also previously worked for the celtc view.
  5. If you think that then you really need to educate yourself. The list is very long.
  6. Not saying i agree with it but more often than not players are happy to take the yellow for it, It's a yellow card offence.
  7. Mandzukic not that it matters should have been sent off, Should have received a booking when he scored for leaving the pitch and going into the fans and referee ignored it, Should have walked.
  8. Good luck big Clint,Always came across as a decent guy and tried his best. Came as a player and hopefully leave as a fan.
  9. Unfortunately long gone are the days where players were more interested in their careers, Money now takes the biggest preference over career choices. He won't ever get near Chelsea's first team, English players even at Gilmours young age tend to be more fitter and stronger and bigger and he may struggle with that just like he struggled in the youth cup final against bigger opponents. Wrong move for him and think he's well overhyped, I remember all the same about Fleck being touted as the new Rooney and was a far better player than Gilmour. Good luck to the young lad, But a silly
  10. Garner goal was pretty good,great cross from Miller and Garner in the air,off balance and on the volley. Toral one was good also, Great teamwork and movement. But Miller against the sheep wins it, Difficult thing to do and executed perfectly at an angle and hit with power. Dodoo goal was good as well given he was in his own half when he got the ball,Good run and cut inside and a shot into the net. Miller has been excellent this season.
  11. How was it a meaningless game ? Before kick off we were still in with a chance of finishing second and still required 1pt for a Euro place.
  12. Isn't the basic idea of them allowing you a blog as a Rangers supporter to speak your mind as a Rangers fan on issues not only you are happy with but also unhappy with ? Have they gave you basic instructions on what you can and can't say or speak about or who your'e allowed to be critical of including the Record. If your'e saying they won't allow you to be critical of them and they censor what you say then that's not a democracy that's a newspaper acting like a dictator. It's a Rangers blog but seems your allowed to talk about something that is constantly repeated every day from
  13. The media this week would make you believe only one teams fans in Scotland has ever been guilty of racially abusing black players, While another club use the same racial abuse as a propaganda exercise to raise the image of their club to make people think they are some sort of moral crusaders against racism with all the statements,banners and t-shirts and helped by a very compliant media, Along the lines of the old "please love us" while trying to brush away their own disgusting history of racist abuse both on and off the pitch. As long as those in the media are controlled Rangers image wi
  14. Why not ? Most Rangers fans are sick to the back teeth with the negativity from them, They are supposed to be an impartial media and surely they are entitled to allow a Rangers supporter to vent his feelings as to why they constantly attack the club and fans. Then again Daryl Cooney is quite happy to allow people to tell lies so long as it's trying to show Rangers fans in a bad light.. That one backfired on him slightly.
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