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  1. Myself as well as many others will be looking for them also i am going even without one good luck
  2. 2 tickets GOVAN Front tickets available if someone in the Motherwell area wants them for Dundee utd at Ibrox wed night Father and son tickets great seats i cant make it due to work PM Myself to arrange. Better someone gets to use them cheers
  3. Andy and Monty are big Rangers fans like the rest of us dont know everyone wants to run people down least they were in attendance at Hampden .
  4. Dont know if this has already been posted but i just heard Big Billy Steele passed away last night so sad and shocked. Bellshill man through and through and great Bluenose i will miss the laughs we used to have standing getting soaked and frozen to the bone all over Lanarkshire watching Mossend B.C Sad Loss thoughts with your Family at this time R.I.P. Big man and W.A.T.P
  5. I am a season holder and i will be there tomorrow sorry but i cant make out your last quote maybe i am bit fick
  6. You watch him go when he gets service in a half decent team Messi could not score with no service
  7. Maybe on a dark nite losing to them it made me feel a wee bit better
  8. Too be fair its his job to chat to him bet if you went for a pint with McCANN he would say Lennon is a tool in private its all about opinions i just loved the way he stood up for our club even the employees at Ibrox right now would not say what he said or feel it like us
  9. Maybe not born one but i watched him play and he gave us his all and i really liked what he said tonight best i have heard in a while as the usual phannys that played for us hide or run us down all the time
  10. Yes but to be fair i think Charlie Nic also said Rangers will be back
  11. I hope the words he spoke from the heart about being a Ranger and pulling on the blue jersey are replayed at Murray park in the morning he never grew up a Bear as we all know but once a Ranger always a Ranger i always held him in high esteem but he just went even higher a bear on tv with balls. Well said wee man WATP
  12. Welcome Cameron mate happy to welcome you into the Rangers family
  13. I still cannot believe our club is going to play a game in Blackpool during the Glasgow fair holidays hope i am wrong but it could be mayhem
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