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  1. To be fair you did say panty wetting so on that basis I think LaudrupsPatrickBoots will knock your cunt in.
  2. I'm just keen to see tamata punching LaudrupsPatrickBoots cunt in tbh
  3. you should, it was fucking stupid to think we would tank them. moronic as fuck.
  4. curious - why on earth did you think we would win by 4-1 or 5-1? we have toiled against killie and st boo, and dismantled hibs after they were down to 10 men i saw nothing in the lead up to this match to suggest we were going to tear them a new arsehole. a lot of folk had them pegged as shite when they were going into the game at the top of the league having only had one shit result against cluj - they have looked more than convincing from a domestic point of view. weird over confidence before the game, baffling.
  5. they won't drop more points than us. not a fucking chance we are going to win this league, we have cemented ourselves as best of the rest but we are still miles away from challenging for the title. what surprises me about this is the absolute apathy shown towards the current situation by the rest of the teams involved in scottish football. nobody seems to really care about them dominating the league for the foreseeable future while they seem hell bent on denigrating our achievements. when we were winning 9 in a row or even as recently as Walter's return, it spurred on an absolute hatred
  6. KWBear


    unforgivable. hope he has been pulled aside and had a rocket put up his fucking arse over that. should be strapped to a chair with his eyes held open with that challenge on loop for 24 hours and made to watch himself SHITE it over and over until he is mentally fucking wrecked and comes out the other side looking to snap the first cunt he sees.
  7. know what you mean, Goldson seems to be his man but I dont think Katic was particularly horrendous yesterday. Goldson needs a spell out of the side IMO, interesting to see if he goes with it and drops him.
  8. I actually think it's a good thing. Gerrard referenced the two week break being a nightmare for the losing side as it would give them a lot of time to mull over their shortcomings - perhaps give him time to reflect and agonise over making an absolute fucking cunt of it, and won't try anything so fucking stupid ever again also hopefully gives some of those losers that underperformed yesterday to wallow in their own misery after being made to look every bit a side patched together from free transfers and loans. hopefully they come back fighting and don't disappear into themselves like fucki
  9. he will be out of the team for the next match. can see gerrard going with helander and katic for the next few games. goldson needs taken out of the first xi and perhaps reminded that his starting slot is not guaranteed. needs to up his game or sit on the sidelines. any more continued lapses in concentration should see him demoted as an automatic choice.
  10. made a point of staying off here yesterday, but logging on today in the cold light of day and I still whole heartedly agree with this, and many of the comments on this thread. he genuinely looks like he couldn't give a fuck, and as another poster mentioned about Aribo also having a shat pants moment in a 50/50 against brown was another low point yesterday. shite bags and we are fucking rotten still. adding youth loans, free transfers, and "veterans" isn't going to win us fuck all. surprisingly their £9m striker managed to put one past us at the first time of asking. you get what yo
  11. Bung him whatever he fucking wants. Cunts need to fucking dry their eyes. Gives us leverage when punting him as well. Thick bastards on this fucking thread. Most probably of the taig variety.
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