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  1. That plane from Rotterdam is actually gunning for Glasgow. It's green and white....very clever.
  2. Would love Kevin Thomson to be part of the backroom team going forward. He'll be a great manager one day....not now though.
  3. Right so if you go sign in with a VPN then sign out and sign back in without VPN it works. Tunnelbear is a free VPN if that helps.
  4. Well he moved to Glasgow, regularly attending ibrox and returned to Armenia help out during the recent war and look after his family.
  5. My best mate stays in Yerevan. Best/cheapest bet is to fly via Athens to Yerevan. You also avoid Turkey which is a bonus.
  6. Anyone got a good free mac VPN recommendation? I want to give money to RTV
  7. Anyone know a good, preferably free vpn for Mac so I can buy this from RTV tonight?
  8. They're probably just registered for this game day. I'd like to think they'll be off after we progress.
  9. What ever happened to rosettes though?
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