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  1. Dont think so. A lot of people barely bother watching the champions league anymore cos of it being the same old teams every year, this guarantees even more of the same in spades. It will be boring and fairly pointless with no relegation or unpredictability.
  2. Fair play to UEFA in one respect, they arent even kidding on anymore that its about anything other than money. They clearly dont give two fucks about the smaller leagues or the game in general and they are at least being upfront about it now.
  3. Mcleish got chased for non football reasons by pricks led on by michael stewart. It was nothing short of a fuckin disgrace.
  4. Republic of ireland losing at home to luxembourg. Wow. They really are absolute pish!!!
  5. Agree with that, not for £9 million though. Lazio will have plenty cash so lets not let them rip the piss out of us with that kind of offer.
  6. Can see that as well. That result tonight aint really a shock, had fuck all to do one night a few weeks back so watched inverness v hearts. Let me tell you it was hard to believe how utterly pish hearts were. If they come up with that squad and manager they will be straight back down for an absolute cert.
  7. Hearts currently losing to Brora. Having seen both these teams this season that really isnt much of a shock.
  8. Didnt realise that was the point system. When you put it like that it actually could be easier. Think youre correct about the cash aspect as well.
  9. With them having to make so many signings this year the new rules regarding foreign players cos of brexit aint going to help them one bit. Could be very tricky for them. Getting full internationals is easy for EPL clubs with the money they have but the cheaper, younger unproven players aint going to be available any more.
  10. BBC headquarters probably dont pay much attention to what happens in the regional branches but this might just open their eyes, they will surely be thinking "what the fuck is going on up there and how did we end up employing this clown?"
  11. You just know UEFA will take the easy way out. Fines and possible bans all round for whatever happened in the tunnel but no action for the slavia players remark cos they will claim it cant be proved. Dont rock the boat too much and keep the money rolling in, its what UEFA are all about.
  12. Really cant split him and Goram now,and i thought Goram would never be equalled.The only save ive seen as good was Gorams from Van Hondonck.
  13. Older people use it still. There will be plenty. Im not wanting or expecting Rangers to stand down, The BBC in london should be booting arses up here to resolve this. A regional branch is treating a sizeable proportion of its licence payers in a discriminatory way. Thats the point.
  14. I understand the "fuck them " standpoint but at the end of the day every licence payer is funding this public body whether we like it or not. That will include a lot of older generation Rangers supporters who would like to get coverage about the club the way they always did through the radio. Its a scandal they as forced paying customers are denied this. For this reason it would be good if the issue was resolved, although it should be on the clubs terms.
  15. Gazza remains the most talented player to come out of the uk in the last 40years. Its no insult to McCoist to say he wasnt as good. They way it ended for McCoist soured things for a lot of people. Lets face it, he wasnt a coach and some of the football played was desperate. But with the passing of time you look back and appreciate the job he did in near impossible circumstances. You can bet he was as happy as any of us at the weekend and its daft to say he didnt play his part in the club getting back to the top.
  16. Fired a tenner in .Only right.
  17. It matters nothing, its happened loads of times in football. Alex ferguson nearly got chased from Man Utd. What matters is now. Its all that matters.
  18. Itten v motherwell at ibrox that was the day i truly thought that we could win it. Winning a game late on,its a cliche , buts thats how you win leagues.
  19. Thats the thing. Current players shouldnt be on these shows.
  20. He was getting a lot of stick from Hearts fans last week, he was shocking against inverness last week and they were questioning why he is on the radio "bumming up Rangers constantly "as they see it when they pay his wages. This could be him trying to win some favour back with them. Youre spot on, a player who is currently playing should no way be offering opinions on a media platform.
  21. Its a strange day when Andy Walker and Michael Stewart call it right on a Rangers incident and Halliday comes out with this pish. I just cant fathom what his thinking is here. Ridiculous.
  22. Michael stewart: "I can sort of understand why Beaton booked Morelos and never gave a penalty, but it a was a definite penalty and never a booking" make of that what you wil lcos im fucked if i know what he means.
  23. Surely they will do away with replays now, probably shouldve done that years ago anyway.
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