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  1. Apologies didnt realise that mate.suppose if hes playin thurs got to play mora but who knows
  2. Haliday should be knowwhere near the team.get a grip
  3. So if your ticket went to vips , it was classed as unsold so you didnt get any money for it??
  4. A joke tbh.doesnt matter who it is, staff, hoslitality, cooperate or whatever.if someone put their ticket up for secondary ticketing and someone sat on their seat then 100 percent should have got money bk
  5. The thing for me which stands out is the registering of the rsc Slo says he has nothing to do with it so how can they potentially get away tickets on cccs first season without his involvement , which would definetly be a conflict of interest. When RM been asked when did u register, he answers back with a smarmy none of your business comment Def not right
  6. Has the deadline passed for this yet? Remember it being quite early last season
  7. No they are out for the same reasons. As a sponsor you would maybe expect thomas cook to step up and possibily take a hit and fill a plane if it gets more exposure of their brand
  8. Hope to fuck they are on the case for next round which i doubt, as there wont be much time in between
  9. Sportoptions not putting a flight on
  10. Seen somone say they think the home game moved to wednesday and away game the tuesday
  11. Reckon the day trip cost a fortune.they know they have us by the baws
  12. Cant see any direct flights. Looks like day trip.hopefully half decent price
  13. RFC16


    Couldnt understand the absolute wankfest when he signed and certainly dont understand it now. Not good enough
  14. Im guessing the exact figures wont be mentioned for obvious reasons
  15. Still confident we will fuck it up sonehow
  16. Cummings no gd enough to play up front himself.fuckin rotten n lightweight
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